Update 1/27/2012

Aedrin has changed almost everything in the last 6 months so I'm not sure where to start. 

1. Updated cost and hpinfo commands so that they now show stat and vitals maxes as well. Additionally your race now effects how much hp,sp,or mp bonus you get. 

2. Updated a whole bunch of spells to his new damage formula. The basic idea is less cost at lower lower levels and more cost at higher levels and to be more based on stats. 

3. Pandemonium removed from Warlocks and they were given Chain Lightning. 

4. Bludgeon, hurl, cleave, and lash were added for fighters. Various skills and abilities were changed up for fighters. 

5. Obsidian added a Lich quest race. Probably starts somewhere in his areas. 

6. Lightray was removed and God's Hammer now gives a little bit of help to others in the room. 

7. Can turn a map on while sailing depending on your tech level. 

Update 8/14/2011

1. Added a section on equipment/actions that get you stat bonuses. 

Update 7/11/2011

1. Fairdale added (46, -10 Created by Aedrin). This connects up with the Crystal Caverns/Ancient Forest Area in Southern Asmar. Extremely high level area and will get you killed. 

2. Level cap increased. Stat requirements for legend also increased to extremely high levels. Minimum to level past 95 is somewhere in the range of 950-1000. 

Update 6/15/2011

1. Ensi's Isle was added (81, -71   Created by Kabaal). This is an elite+ area.  Dragon quest went along with the roll-out (closed now). 

2. Paladin's got the ability smite for use with shields. White clerics got lightray that does damage to mobs and heals players in the room. 

3. Updated the links page with the updated Merentha Collective site and the Children of Merentha site (newer cool site with some unique maps, equipment info, etc)

4. Added partial info for The Tome of the Ancients and The Unholy War quests. 

Update 10/15/2010

1. More new areas added. Ottograd (56,21 - Made by Chirpy) and Crystal Cavern (entrance via southern asmar plains - Made by Aedrin). Both are higher level areas. Certain mobs in Ottograd are now tameable by Druids. If anyone has maps or other info on the new areas, please send them my way. 

2. Fighters got an updated slash ability. It now does more damage based on stats. 

3. Resurrect now has a 24 hour (real time) delay before it can be used again. 

4. Elephants were added as another type of Tier 2 pet. 

If anyone is interested in collaborating on updating this website, I'm always looking for more help. Write-ups for any area of the game would be helpful. Traffic statistics say that about 30-40 unique people visit each day so I know its helpful for a lot of people. Anything useful that people send in will be posted. 

Update 6/12/2010

1. Dragons got some new flamebreath style abilities.  2. Backstab formula was changed such that it relies more on stats. 3. Black clerics got the spell "cripple" 4. Paladins/Anti-paladins got the ability "holystrike" 5. God's Hammer was changed to rely more on stats 6. Druids got the spell "bloom" to help them heal tames

Update 5/8/2010: A lot has happened since I last updated the site. Heres a summary of the changes. 

1. 2 New Areas Added - One made by Obsidian was an add-on to Aerioth which you can access by going to the lower level of the Aerioth castle and searching around outside. The second was made by Kabaal and sailing coords were added to the sailing section. Both will kill you rather quickly. 

2. Jewel gave out a bunch of dragons. 

3. (In no particular order) Necro's pest got downgraded, Wizards min damage was increased, Healers estorm got upgraded, Cleric hammers got downgraded, Shockwave got re-upgraded, Pincers got upgraded (but still don't auto). Tweaks were made to psisurge and dreamweave such that surge does more damage and weave lasts for less time, Rogues must have stealth on for backstab to always hit, and thats about all I can recall off the top of my head. 

 Geocities is shutting down so that gave me a chance to re-do the website. I've been accumulating some new information from various sources and hopefully it helps everyone out. Thanks to everyone who contributed. 

If anyone has ideas for new sections let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Updates with the new website: New Area Guides, Pets Section, More information on the Rare Gems and Illusionist quests, Information on the Oz quest, A couple new maps, Speedwalks, and Alchemy. 

Email me: merenthainfo@gmail.com

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