Location: 18, 28

Mobs: Doug (Shop Keeper), Has no items, has some platinum, worth 64k xp

Regnak (Shop keeper), no items, some platinum, worth 64k XP

Other shopkeeper, no items, some platinum worth 64k XP

Horeb (barkeep), sells a few drinks none of them really that appealing, worth 64k

Meria (magic keeper) sells rings, stones, scrolls, has platinum, casts Estorm    

sometimes worth 64k xp


Durst, has elven chainmail, elven chainmail leggings, and steel sabre, is worth 64k

Durst's Wife, has a white dress, if u attack her first durst swarms (in they're room after they are dead, if you search mantle you will be rewarded with some platinum)


Old Man, he has a gnarled staff, can cast fireball, has a little platinum, worth 64k xp


Gate guards, 2 steel sabres each, elven chainmail and leggings, they hit hard and swarm, might want to avoid these worth i think 64k-80k each.


Snowbeasts, has a snowbeast pelt, need 35-40 charisma for these.


Elks - worth 40k, 30 charisma i believe


Ranger of Aerioth, has artic tunic (autos at lvl 21), and a steel sabre, casts bolt worth 64k.


Fog Wraiths, 40k, has some platinum, in groups, can cast darkness and RAPTURE, always auto


Fog Elemental worth 64k, has platinum, needs 30-35 charisma


Stelere, has BLADE OF THE GODS (BoG), polar robes, ice boots, Hits Hard, worth 128k


Baaz, dragon with a number of nasty abilities, worth 128k XP


Shadow Spectere, has shadow blade and black face mask, can slash and blades special can para worth 64k xp


Warrior ghost, can have RUSTY LONGSWORD, old worn helm and axe, old worn breastplate and ventiran shield, need 30-40 charisma, worth 40-64k, and they swarm other undead, has curved short sword and a little platinum, needs 30-35 charisma, worth 24-40k.


Follower of Egel, has black sabre (autos lvl 18, 90 blade), worth 64k


The necromancer guy, 2 curved shortswords and a key (allows u go in the locked room where there is an invisible mob [alchemist], he can poision, worth 64k


Alchemest, has alchemist robes and some platinum, he has a nasty chilltouch, worth 64k


Lost soul, has a little platinum, worth 24-40k


Guardian of Egel, has golden armour of the egel, black sabre, ventiran shield, needs to be triggered, worth 64-80k XP




Stelere is located in the only room on the island with exits west and east, u may wanna look at the roots.


Baaz is located ne, nw, u, ne, w, nw, n shatter ice around crack (will need icepick bought off Ragnok), slide into crack


Shadow Spectere is located up in a secreet place, where there are 3 elks, there should be a lynx east of them, kill the lynx, have your icepick ready, and *scale cliff* then head up, n, e, se (in this room there are 5 fog wraiths) then east, then wield you pick, and chip at south wall, south, (you'll need a torch and match for the enxt part), Light your torch then type, *light the torches*, then the mob should be in the shadows hidden.


The castle where the undead is located also in that secret place, from the lynx, scale cliff, u, n,n, ne, leap off, nw, ram door.. then your able to get into the castle, (hint) be saintly and look at the walls, and listen to what the lost souls have to say.

| Post number 8 by Wiegraf..."Aerioth"  \
My journeys have led me to Aerioth. In the Town there are a few stores
where you can kill the shopkeepers, their worth about 65k, I ventured up
into the hills next and fought some Snowbeasts and Elks both worth around
35-40k.  I wandered the snow covered mountains for a few hours and found
some climbable roots that led to Stelere, a really strong mob that has the
Blade of the Gods.  After offing him I wandered about and found a small
crack in the ice which took me into A Baaz the Dragons lair.  I attempted
to slay the beast with my 2 dragon slayers but he proved to be to strong
and I was forced to swallow my dignity and run after the dragon ripped my
right arm off.  He's got some nasty spells and a strong attack, I wouldn't
reccomend attacking him until your at least lev35 with good stats.
Wandering back down the hillz I thrust my Ice Pick into a cliff wall and
began a climb, it led me to a room with a bunch of torches and a hidden
mob, the shadow specter, that has the shadow blade.
After Killing the Shadow Specter I left its cave and headed north into a
castle with a barred wooden door. I managed to break the door down, and
found that the castle was loaded with undead minions. Ghosts of a warrior
--More-- (47%) [hit <enter> or <space> to continue or <q> to quit]

which were worth about 40k were armed with rusty longswords and ventiran
shields. There was a follower of Egel on the top floor of the castle who
carried a black sabre, he was a pretty tuff mob and worth like 70k. Near
the follower of Egel lurked a zombie, which held keys to a locked room on a
lower level. Entering that room led to an "empty" room. On further
inspection I found a invisible monster, an Alchemist that dropped
alchemists robes, but had a few nasty spells like poison and chilltouch.
Wandering the dungeons there were some lost souls that advised me to look
at the walls, which when I did revealed a turnable wall that led me into
Egel's chambers.  When I got Egel to appear I attacked him and he started
pwning me so I had to call in one of my friends(Drin) to help me take him
Egel Dropped a Golden longsword with a nice special, and his legendary
golden armor that apparently adds magic defense to whoever dons the armor,
however i did not know that at the time and sold it at the ws shops.
Aerioth was a great place to explore and I would strongly reccommend
visiting it, at first glance it seems like a small town with almost nothing
in it but if you just explore you'll find a load of cool stuff, plus rare
equipment you can sell to mids for ridiculously high prices.


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