1. You delivered the book of kings to the High Sage Divinity

2. You repaired a bridge in the troll city. (See Prisoner of Trogrelin Quest)

3. You saved the Forest of Deception by replacing the idol's 
eye. - Clean the mossy rock, read the books in the library, have the guru bless it, and clean the rock again and put it in the idol. 
4. You killed the fox, saving the farmer's chickens. - Ws farms 
5. You returned a runaway cow to the barn. 
6. You helped out Hades by getting rid of the dead. - Die and clear corpses 
7. You fed the birds in Wolvesdale. - Kill old man and feed the bird with the seed. 
8. You freed Hansel from the evil gingerbread witch! - In Fenris 
9. You traded Jack's cow for him but got only beans. - In Fenris, lead cow and trade him to the man in the cloak. 
10. You freed Rapunzel from an ivory tower. - Say the phrase and rescue her.  In Fenris. 
11. You returned the orcslayer to the town of Cabeiri. - Give orcslayer to Unity in Cab. 
12. You returned a crystal ball to a knight. - In cab, explain's itself. 
13. You saved a trapped orc from the old fortress. - Help orc under rubble in Cabeiri. 
14. You returned the jewel to the real Orc King. - Give jewel to orc in Cab, search raccoon nest to get it.Orc Outcast (Real king) is in his cottage. You need to get the key from the Anole to get in. 
15.You returned the pressed faerie book to Angelica. - Give book to girl in Cab. 
16. You made a difference in a starfish's life. - "Throw starfish" on beach in Cab. 
17. You caught a frog and feed it to thar Bladderwort, making an 
old man happy. - Catch frog in ws and feed it to the Bladderwort. 
18. You gave a hungry dog his bone. - Give Phydoux his bone 
19. You returned a missing page of a library book. - Give paper to librarian in cab 
20. In Cab go west into the forest you will see a man who is very cold and shivering. If you give him some clothes I gave him something cheap like Pajamas you will have completed another deed.
21. In the forest west of Marrdan you go west from Marrdan square until you can go north, go north then west, then north, then west you know you are right if you see a witch (P.S. this is the INTO THE WOODS QUEST) go west and north and you will see a tall Ivory tower. Read the base and say exactly what it says. Rapunzel will let down her hair and you can climb up when up there you have to cut her hair and rescue her. 
22. Go to the Fenris [] in Marrdan. Go west all the way and then stay in a southwestern direction. Eventually you will get to a tower of the giants. Go north in the tower on the lower floor and you will see a doctor and his patient. Help the patient. Enter his body and kill the cancer cells.
23. Go to the kobold caves in cabeiri, deep into the cave where you find the 
sleeping kobold with the pajamas and the kobold with puppy ears and urine. kill 
him and type `free animals` BOOM. another deed done
24. If you get captured on the pirate ship you can twist your ropes off and then free the prisoner there. 
25. There is a house in lanerell forest protected by a vortex. Pull the arm of the gargoyle and then enter the house. Go to the cellar and search. You will find a jar and you can free a faerie that is there. 
26. You killed the giant sea squid before he could attack
Atheria. - Once you leave sunken city into the ocean go down and kill the squid (hp inflated)
27. You returned a sword to the mayor of Charanth.
28. You rescued a beached whale. - Rimaga
29. You have helped the servants in Shanadan Castle clean the
30. You freed the elder dwarf in Calamyr.

31. You helped the wagon deliver goods to Haven. - Talk to Angus in Gofur
32. You returned a powerful light orb to the lighthouse
keeper in Haven.
33. You found the missing rudder for King Leonardo.  - Imperia
34. You rescued Lady Chatterly's lover - Imperia

35. You freed a suffering creature. - Free abomination in Gablesville

Go to the wyvern in holgresh that you cannot attack. He is in some hole somewhere on the island. Ask him about a quest and he will mention wanting two blades from enemies of dragons. The two blades he is looking for are the Iceblade Curanthir (Rythulu the Nomad from the wolvesdale deathspirals) and the Blade of the Gods (Stelere in Aerioth). Get those two, bring them to him, and "offer blades" (If i remember correctly that is the syntax) to him. He will give you an idol of the dragon. You can use this at the doors with the holgresh guardians (syntax is "insert idol") and the doors will open and you can go into the secret area. 

This is also a deed flute in the game which is west and south of Maardan City on the flutist in the gypsy camp. Many of the deeds might be repetitive but others might be useful. 

A beggar so lonely no cent to his name, 
Helping the idol will bring you no fame. 
One library's in pieces, 
Anothers the same, 
A knight without honor, 
The dead are insane, 
Jack is in trouble, 
And a patient's in pain, 
Then help the old farmers, 
Just north of the plain. 
Then help the poor orc, trapped under the rubble, 
Then help the other, who's reign is in trouble. 
Bury the bones of explorers long lost, 
Save the poor newbie from the Cannibals pot. 
A kingdom is threatened from an assassin's attack, 
Help get the food from the picnicers back. 
Record in the annals your greatest of deeds, 
Kill the old dragon and his pain you will ease. 
Then when you're done.... A boy lost his toy, 
In the city's in shambles, 
A frog and a dog, 
Play as the old man rambles, 
A boy who was hungry is trapped in a cage, 
The birdie is starving, 
The prisoner deranged. 
Help save the girl and help with her flight. 
Help with her heart, from that terrible night. 
And finally a difference to make in a life. 
To finish these deeds you must fix the bridge right. 
Then reclaim the idol that caused all those to fight.

Others I found (some repeats): 
Angelica's Book (lvl 1) (300 exp):
Find book west of Cab square
Give book to Angelica (second house, east of Cab square)

Birds (lvl 1) (100 exp):
Kill the old man
Give food to Bird

Bladderwort (lvl 1) (350 exp):
Catch frog at WS mansion

Warm the Adventurer(lvl1)(?)
      All w, nw, w, w, bridge, up from cab[], give any piece of eq to the adventurer.

Book of Kings (lvl 15
Complete Book of Kings Quest
Blow whistle at WS monastery
Enter cage
Enter Church in Clouds
When you reach grape fields, go 12 north, 2 east (maze)
Climb trellis in north east area
Enter building and go to the High Sage
Give book to High Sage

Bridge (lvl 1):
Get a hammer
Destroy a house in Trogdelin
Search rubble for wood
Repair bridge

Crystal Ball (lvl 1) (1000 exp):
Search at Goblin Caves all west of Cab square
Give ball to Knight (n,n,e,s from Cab square)

Feed family (lvl 1) (500 exp):
Rent raft from old man in Cabeiri
Find the stick
Give the stick to father

Hades (lvl 1) (0 exp):
Kill all the corpses before going up

Idol's Eye (lvl 1):
Find rock in Fenris Swamps
Wash rock
Place eye in idol at cave in Fenris forest (west of Marrdan)

Jack's Cow (lvl 1):
Lead cow to Mysterious man in Marrdan Forest
Give beans to Jack

Hungry Dog (lvl 1) (400 exp):
Get shovel at WS mansion
Dig at Werechild (basement mansion)
Give bone to dog (in mansion)

Missing Page (lvl 1) (300 exp):
Get piece of paper at Cab square
Give paper to Librarian (eastish of Cab square)

Orc King (lvl 1) (500 exp):
Search nest after beating (or pushing) rabid raccoon in Cabeiri forest
Give jewel to Orc Outcast in Cabeiri forest

Orcslayer (lvl 1) (350 exp):
Kill the orc king
Give sword to Unity (down in monastery)
You get the first glowing sphere as reward

Rapunzel (lvl 1):
Read base aloud at ivory tower in Marrdan Forest
Cut hair with spike on window
Rescue girl

Runaway Cow (lvl 1) (300 exp):
Find cow in WS farms (all north, 1 east from balloon)
Lead cow to barns (from cow, all west, south till you see barn
Enter barn and tie cow

Starfish (lvl 1) (200 exp):
Get starfish southeast of Cabeiri Balloon Keeper
Throw fish

Trapped Orc (lvl 1) (250 exp):
Push boulder at trapped orc in orc fortress in Cabeiri

Cancer (lvl 5):
Help doctor in giant castle in Marrdan Forest
Kill all cancer cells

Fox (lvl 5):
Enter coop in Whitestorm plains
Kill fox

Hansel (lvl 5):
Enter oven at witch in Marrdan Forest
            Search ash (2x)
Open cage
Free Hansel

Edward's Sled (~lvl 10):
Either free or kill prisoners in Troll Cave (Hiemelia)
Give sled to Edward (Cabeiri)

Assassin (lvl 15):
Kill the assassin on Kender Island (secret exit near the palace to the east)

Dragonkin Friendship (lvl 15):
Kill nomad in WD for sword
Kill Stelere in Aerioth (climb roots at some point) for sword
Give swords to Wyvern Elder in Holgresh
You get a dragon idol as reward

Firestorm Hellkite (~lvl 15):
Climb boulder, climb opening east of Nomad in WD
Kill Hellkite
Give scale to Nomad

Haven Goods (lvl 15):
Say quest at boss in Gofur Mine Guild
Kill all mobs along the road
Go back to boss
Deliver orders.

Hope (lvl 15):
Kill dragon Wrath at waterfall in Dragon Cove
Give pendant to Hope in Castle Jewel (open curtains upstairs)

Light Orb (lvl 15 (20+)):
Kill Tree at northwest hill in Haven
Give Orb to lighthouse keeper nw of Haven

Merfolk Court (lvl 15):
Free prisoner at Merfolk Court (watch out for blast)

Minotaur Idol (lvl 15):
Find the idol on minotaur island (open crack at Fandor's place)
Give idol to Fandor

Snowbeasts (lvl 15):
Kill 3 snowbeasts in Aerioth
Show pelts to Horeb
You get a small golden ring as reward (only once!)

Snow White (lvl 15, cha 26):
Help Snow White in Gofur, Upper mansion
Find all dwarves in Gofur mines and deliver message
Hand message to Snow White

Runaway Dog (lvl 20):
Lead dog in Lan forest
Go to Jewel weapon shop
Tie dog

Suffering Creature (lvl ?):
Free monster at Gablesville board

Old cleric (when you can beat Archmages in Clouds)(1 wis):
Say heather, drink from cup at Torock the Grey

Hidden still.(lvl 25)(?xp):
Go to the stage in haven, type knock door, I’m thirsty(don’t say it, just type it)
Kill leroy, then zeke, bust still, get tubing, give tubing to Andrew the haven Sheriff.

    38. Hammerhead Shark.
          Go to the haven docks, fish with some bait till you catch a hammerhead shark.
          Bring it to the old man in gofur. (all w, all n, enter, from gofur [])

Free the animals!

Goto the new kobold area in caberi. Kill K'ook. Free animals.

Help the Newbie Mudder!

Head to Fucawee Island and find the the canibal cooking the newbie in a pot of water. Go around
Fucawee collecting all the food on the ground. Collect enough and head back to the canibal.
Feed canibal.


Missing Rudder
Goto Imperia's 3rd tier. Enter Mayor's hut. Push button. Enter. Stand Pedestal.
Go 4 e 4n w u s. Search hay. Thats where the rudder is found.  Take the rudder
up to King Leonardo and 'deliver rudder' do not give it to him and he'll give
you 250 platinum and you get to fly. Head west then south then west , enter contraption.... tongue.gif

King Leonardo has 2 locations Day/Night  Day = hes in his hall  Night = on the roof
You must give it to him at night.

Lady Chatterly's Lover

Start heading to Imperial Fortress. Before you go up into the fortress head to the
southwest corner of the area your in(the area with the captian of the guard). You
should be able to go down. Head down till you see the dungeon keeper. Head
west and go north till you get to an imperial
guard and then go one more north. Lockpick door of unlock door with key. Enter and
free prisoner he'll give you a note which you must take to Lady Chatterly in the fortress.
She is located in the northwest corner of the second floor.
You can kill Dungeon Keeper for the key or just lockpick the door.

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