"No deaths, no quests, no class, no kills. Kneel before me as each level fills. Now an orc but once a centaur, follow my steps and I shall be your mentor"

This is found on a piece of paper found in a cottage in eastern Cabeiri. Basically what this means is that you need to get xp either through deeds or party members. A bunch of deeds are listed in the deeds section on this website. You need to kneel before the shaman at each level up through level 5 and advance at the Cabeiri adventurer hall. If you do it correctly he should make you a shaman at the end of five levels. Only sometimes is he able to make you a Shaman. If he tells you something like, "I can't do this, not here not now" then he needs to be killed and another one allowed to repop (Obviously don't kill him yourself). Only about 1 in 3 shamans that pop will let you complete the quest. 


The mercenary cottage is located w;w;s;s;nw;u;nw;u;w;nw;n;u;u;nw;w;n;u;u;w;nw;u;n;u;e from the Lanerell balloon landing. All you need to do is ask about the quest and he will ask you for the sword from the cottage. The child has it and all you have to do is say please for the child to drop it. Give the sword to the merc. You can only become a mercenary on the 1st day of the month. 

The quest was put in with the area of Shanadan, a very dangerous area. Any elite mage "can" do it. First you need to kill Myrg (2k chain), take his rare silk robe, and give it to the hermit who hangs out in the western part of the garden at nighttime. Then you have to say "legend" to the hermit. You will be told you need to collect some types of items from around Shanadan and when you have the right ones you can become an Illusionist. There are a bunch of random items lying around/random drop in the area. Not too hard right? Well the quest only opens sometimes, so keep checking back until it opens up.

Illusionist's get dropped from their current level to level 10 and lose all their stats. They don't get shockwave until level 25. Shockwave hits some of the mobs in the room based on wisdom and does a lot of damage. They only get 1 bag and not so good magic defense. They can make weapons that do a lot of damage at the cost of mana. 

To do this one I think you just need to read the tome that is in the hole behind the imladris throne after you smash it (See the Imladris map) and type transform. You can only do this on the night of 20th (last day) of the month. Drows, rangers, druids, and shamans can do this one. The tome says beast, forest, nature, soul.  Drow's don't get werewolf stats though. 

You must be level 15 and standing in the room with the drow fountain. If there is a drow in the room you can "jump fountain" and you die and become drow. If you jump in the fountain without a drow you die and do not become drow. They guard their queendom fiercely so if you go there without permission, take care. 

Jewel did an event where about 10 people got dragons. So thats over and now everyone will have to wait again if they didn't get one. 
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