Good equipment can get you a lot of bonus stats. Let me know if you know of more bonus items. 


Juktal's Shield (Mjharr +5 dex)

 Marcus Aurelius' Shield (Marcus Aurelius in Imperial Forest +4 dex)

Haunted Asmar Shield (Trapper Joe  in Asmar random drop +5 int/wis and block special that gives back mp)

Asmar Shield (Lots of mobs in asmar, +5 to strength, chance to block firebreath)


Rare rings from a jewelry shop in the new area Fairdale. Ring of charisma, dexterity, intelligence, etc... all give +2 to that specific stat. Cost 750k each. Magnificent Tiara can also be bought there for a +4 to charisma. Auto at 90. 

Jeweled Tiara - random drop off of Estelle in water area in Aerioth II. +5 to charisma. Must be a female for it to autoload.

Crown of Ivy - Random drop off Garden Caretaker (or something like that) in Abbey in Aerioth II, +1 to wisdom

Mithril Leggings/Tunic - Fairdale item, +1 to dex and maybe another stat? Might have been changed to be fighter only now


Shandan Castle - kneel statue for a +1 to wisdom 

If you max your Alchemist's Tome in Shanadan, the potion of experience will give you a +4 bonus to all stats

Various bard songs give a bonus to stats - ask a bard for them


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