This section outlines some of the better weapons and armours in the game and where to find them.


Crude wooden staves - random drop off of cannibals in Rimaga. Special returns mp.

Crystalline staff - increases magic attack by 10 while wielded. Seer Ka'vael in the holgresh secret area has it.

Kolovom's Hammer - clerics only weapon. You get this by doing the Calamyr elite quest.

Assassin's knife - before the throne room in kender there is a secret exit east with an assassin in it. Special does good damage and can para sometimes.

Sling daggers - random drop off of various mobs in Shanadan, or you can sometimes find them in the chests in the guard barracks. Only autoloads for elites. Very powerful special.

Duarmir's hammer - Kill the hermit in the garden in Shanadan and take his simple hammer. You then have to use it for several hours before it becomes the final product. You need 300 blunt for this.

Holgresh Wingblade - Random drop off Master Yael in holgresh secret area. Para special.

Jade Broadsword - Random drop off Maalu in Mjharr. Special returns sp.

Serrated short blade - random drop off Ogre Ward in Shanadan,  each blade decreases your strength by 10 but it does better damage than other blades.

Guardian Sword - only for elite Warriors. Random drop off Ogre Ward in Shanadan

Ice Axe - autoloads for fighters at 72 or 74. Random drop off various mobs in Calamyr. Probably best weapon for fighters.


Shadowed Ringmail of Rivak - extremely random drop off of the Shadow Guardian, Rivak in the tunnels under Kobold Island. Get a gate there or look for "stairs" on the map of the kobold tunnels. Best armour in the game.

Spiral armour - go to Fucawee and collect sand dollars and seashells. You can go to the big fucawee trader and "trade booty". Sometimes he will drop spiral armour

Plated dragonscale - need to kill Baaz (see aerioth guide and map) and get a scale. Give the scale to Stelere and he will give you plated dragonscale.

Darkmetal leggings - Mulcuvus is a random pop mob s;w;ne;ne;ne of Maalu in Mjharr

Black Widow Carapace - Random drop off of big black widow in Wolvesdale crypts. Best armour for artrells pre-parasitic

Parasitic armour - Best armour for artrells, autos at 74. Random drop off of hidden mugger in Shan Castle - From the shan board - w;s;w;n;w;w;w; or something close to that.

Belt of magical water - Huge water elemental is random pop in Holgresh where the regular water elementals are. This adds 10 to your attack skill.

Royal shield - find the museum in the sunken city. Look rubble in a specific room. Enter portal and kill the king. Note that you can't get out until he repops or you quit out. "Swing shield" can para sometimes.

Wolf fur cloak - Go through the mirror in Rorcyn fortress, need to mess closet a couple times to get the instructions how to get through. Can be worn on left arm and right arm for good armour.

Jeweled tiarra - Estelle in Aerioth 2, +5 charisma

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