Magical Defense Items:

Crystal Ball: Found by searching at the bottom at the goblin caves in Cabeiri. YOu can only get there at level 10 and below. Smash it for a magical shield or you can "scry <player>" to see where they are at. 

Blue Eyes: Found in the mystical forest in wolvesdale - syntax is "look eyes". As your level increases your chance of smashing the eyes increases such that above elite its very difficult to get them. See the speedwalks section for specific directions. Has the same properties as the crystal ball. 

Swirling black orb: See the map of holgresh for the location on this one. Syntax is "reach something". Shatter it for a magical shield. You can't use this one for scrying. 

Seeing Pool 

How to get there: 
Go to WS [] then go e;e;e;e;e;s;enter. This should be Guilio's house. Then just go up two times and you will be in a room with the pool of seeing. If you type View [ NAME] you will be able to see a room description of where the person is, so if you know your areas you should be able to track them down pretty fast. 

This cannot be blocked with the mist spell.

The Multi Colored Ring: 
Go to Fenris Landing. Then go all the way north into Marrdan [] where the statue is. From the statue go all west, sw, up, up. If it is not there which is usually the case you just are going to have to wait until it re-pops people always go here to try to get it. 
What does it do and why is it so useful. 
It allows you to transfer your Mp, Hp, Sp.  For example if you are low on SP and lets say that you are a warrior and do not care about your MP type in "transfer sp" You will then transfer some of your Mp and Hp to your Sp fully filling it. You can do the same with HP or MP. 
This is very useful for fighters and still pretty useful for mages. It never autos so you must store it in the vault. 

Necromancer's Orb 
What does it do: This is probably the most important item in the game for mages. It allows you to drain Mp from mobs to this orb which can hold some 50k Mp or so and whenever you need it it will replenish you so in essance you can have 50k MP to go xp with. I like to fill up up before i go xp and then go and I can usually go for a pretty long time. There are some special areas where you can go to fill it up. For example the Haven Gazebo and the Sunken City Court give around 2000 mp if you replenish it there. 
NOTE: When you drain it will para you for 6 rounds so make sure that you can last parad because the enemy can attack you. 
HOW TO GET IT: Go to Sunken City and go to the towers (there are 3 towers. You must climb all the way to the top and kill the necromancer. There is a 1/6 or so chance that he will drop this orb (called the magical orb in the game.)  
Go to a room with a lot of enemies and type: "replenish orb" you will be parad and it will fill your orb. To give yourself the MP type "drain orb" 
NOTE: If you look at them it won't say that they have it. 

Assassin's Cloak: 
What does it do: When you wear it and type Fade. It cloaks you and not only that but you can even Kill while wearing it and remain invisible. However, people can still see who killed them by using the last killer command so, so much for being able to sneak around and kill everyone without them knowing. 
HOW TO GET IT: Go to Kender Island. Search around for the room that has the guards in it. Then go east one and you will be in a room with the Assassin. The room is not on the exit list, but it is there. You have to climp up the cliff and then go like westish past soldiers, and then go north. You will soon find some Guards and you must go east one and you will be in a room with an assassin. When you look at him it won't say that he has the cloak so just kill him. He will drop it. If hes not there just wait for him to re-pop.

The Magic Potion 
In The WS monastery if you go up to the top floor where the element is there is a magical potion. This potion will raise all of your stats by 1. HOWEVER, it can only be done one time so I recommend you save it until lvl 50+ when it takes around 4+ hours to raise just one stat. 

The Blue Wands 
There are a few contrary to popular belief. The most famous one is located in the Faerie town in Cab. Kill the king and there is a chance he will drop it. To get to the town see the Area and Coords section. 
There are also 3 others. Each Wand holds a spell and you can use the wand at any mage level in essance they allow mages to cast 4 different spells it is still based on your int and wisdom so I don't know why people say that the wands are only good for lower levels becuase I used a wand at lvl 60 and would rack up millions of XP you can use them as much as you want until they wear out and they don't use and MP so just reemmber that. The others are Located in the towers in Sunken City.
To use the wand just type "Zap Monster" 
The wands at lower levels allow level 2 mages to fight in WD it is the easiest way to XP at lower levels and they are famous for that reason.

They did get changed recently and are not as effective anymore.

The Deed Flute 
Go to the Forest of Deception west of Marrdan in fenris. If you go to Marrdan [] go west and after you leave the town go south at the first time you can. When you can go south go all the way and kill the flutiest. Play Flute will allow you to get a listing of about 50 deeds in the game.

The Drow Dagger 
He or she who holds this dagger will rule drow. No idea who holds it now. To take over drow kill her and loot it or steal it (and good luck with that!)

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