"On the Island of Rimaga is an Apothecary in need of help. Aid him in his quest to heal the ill." 

Rewards: Some XP
How to do this quest.

NOTE: The snakes can kill you easily around lvl 15, be prepared and bring some salve and some antidotes. 

Step 1:  Sail to Rimaga = Coords (33, -52)
     Go to Rimaga
     When you enter you can only go like ne or se or something like that. Go there and then type "push Button" it will open a hidden entrance into the town of Rimaga. Go south and southeastish. Enter all of the huts until you see the one with the Apothecary. Try not to fight anything around level 15 you will get killed. They are pretty difficult. Stay away from the necromancer and the hoard of enemies south when you first enter the town. They will Kill you at lower levels.
     Then go to the Apothecary and say "quest". 

Step 2:
     He will tell you to get him this flower. Then go back to the beginning room the next room you went into after you pressed the button.  And you can "move a bush", move the bush and go all the way down and east, and get the flower. Then leave. Down here are the Snakes I was warning you about. They are very very hard at lower levels and will kill you. Go down fast and make a macro to where the flower is. Because you will need to go back down here again.

HINT: What you can do to prevent you from having to fight any snakes is to make a Macro which allows you to go down into the cave, whatever the directions are. Make the macro get you down into the cave to the room with the flower and out.

     Go give the flower to the Apothecary, once you leave the cave it wilts though, The apothecary will give you a bag, a ratskin bag. You must now go back to the cave and put the flower in it. Remember if you made a macro that you now need to make a two part macro. One which will get you to the flower and get the flower. and then put the flower in the bag and make a second macro that will get you the hell out of there. DO NOT leave the cave without putting the flower in the bag. You must put it in there before you leave otherwise it will wilt and you will have to wait for repop and do it again. 

Step 3:
     Wait for the flower to repop, and once it does put the flower inside the bag while your in the cave.  Then give the Apothecary the bag, and boom theres a quest for you.

Rewards: 150,000 xp

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