The Sage of WhiteStorm seeks to enhanced the library. He has a very special request

Get books from the following places and take them to the sage in WS
1. 2 from Himmy library/bedroom area – separate rooms
2. 2 from Imaladris library
3. 2 from Xenora library
4. 2 from Jewel Library
5. 1 from Lanerell main building
6. 1 from mercenary cottage close to lanerell (if you are entering Lanerell from the direction of the balloon landing find a path that leads off close to where the guards are and keep going up and you will eventually find the cottage)
7. 1 from Wolvesdale library
8. 1 from room e, s, e, e, n of wd balloon

Say quest to him and he will give you a piece of cloth which you can use to “bind books”. Then give this book to him.

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