1. Find the ghost ship - This is located near the pacman shaped island. Just search around until you find it. 
2. Go into the captains quarters and look at the captain (he is invisble). He will talk to you and give you the captain's log. 
3. In order to kill the vampire you will need the stake and mallet. To get the mallet go to the fore of the ship, open a hatch, and go down there. Search parts to find it. The stake is on a shelf where the shipmakers room is (floor below the deck). 
4. On the same floor find a hatch with a padlock. Bust the padlock, open the hatch and go down. In this room "search bilge" and you should find the captain's bones. Search around down there and find the vampires coffin. During the day you can open it and stake vampire.
5. Climb the rigging all the way up to the crows nest and spot whales. When you spot one you can go down to the wheel and lower ensign. 
6. Lastly you need to bury the bones in the same room as the wheel and the quest should be done.

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