Rewards: XP no stats.

Step 1:
Go to Fucawee and if you went by ship go all east. Enter the wreck. Go down until you are on the plank. Notice when you enter the plank that it says "something glistens in the water" but only when you enter the room. Make sure you have a lot of salve and orbs this mob is def. HP inflated and sorta takes some time to beat hes not hard bc his only attack i noted was magic missle. "jump water" then go down (even though it won't be an exit) kill the sea serpent. Lore the Lamp if you can. Then type "rub lamp" you will see some story of a boy. Now go to jewel

Step 2:
Ok you need to search around south of jewel. You are looking for Spring of Cool blue fresh water. Its in the forest. You must search around a bunch if you see centaur mobs, nymph mobs and pixies you are close. I tried writting you guys directions but I got lost. Just put brief around and stick in the forest don't go to the mountain pass or the beach or anything stay in the forest the room says forest just run around until you see the spring should take 10 min. you don't need to kill anything or say anything so don't waste your time. 

Step 3: 
When you do eventually find the spring. "rub lamp" and thats it. The cetyle will whisper some stuff to you and thats it. 
You don't get any stats for this quest.

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