Make your way to Preus from the Wolvesdale way. On your way you will notice that there are some cavemen in caves. Search around for the Magi Caveman Quog the Shaman kill him (hes sorta hard) From here there is a ledge either type Climb or ledge to go up to that room. 

In that room theres a hidden door look around "look shadow" or "look door" anyway type "enter door" 

Once you go through the door you will be in the place where the astral armour comes from. Search around in the rooms with visible exits. You will find a creature that says "
Stand upon the fallen one and speak thier name to enter the place of the ancients" Just read on and soon you will know what that means.

Search around some more until you find the room with the crystals. 

How to do The Crystals!
Ok the crystals are actually pretty easy to do. You only have to push two of them and there are different combinations so once you do it, it won't always be the same. There are like 15 crystals or so and you only need 2 so that is a lot of combinations and small odds for you. An example of how this works. Lets say the combination is crystal 2, then 6. To do it right you have to type Push crystal 2; push crystal 6. They will turn green or something when you do it right. If you do it wrong it will reset and you will have to do it all over again.

Go back to the room where the astral armour comes from the first room after entering the room from the ledge. Go NE, N, N, UP, UP, S, S, S, S  The first Watcher in the Mist is here. Listen to what he has to say. To get to the next one go: N, E, N, DOWN, E, SE, SE this is where the second Watcher is. This guy is extremly important because here you must get out a piece of paper and wait like a solid 20 minutes and write down all the names he gives you should get 5. (The Names: I only remember 1 off hand Na Daga-Oon) I have them at home so when i get back in a few weeks I'll post them to save you time, unless someone wants to email them to me once they get them. You might not actually need all the names. 

Once you get the names notice there are no exits from this room. Go north. Then go like up. Ok now you will be on a one way trail. If you follow this trail to the end you will be at the black tower (Directions: N, N, N, NE, S, SE, S, SW, BRIDGE, UP, UP, UP) I have no clue what to do here or how to enter the tower I think that is how you end the quest personally but I have no clue. Go back to the room with the three Whipvines. From this room you can go up.

QUICK NOTE: I am positive that you can enter the tower and all you need to say is a command. I don't know what it is. I have tried a lot. Inside of the tower is a horrible mob that can freeze and will keep you parad for most of the battle. This mob is extremly hard and will destroy even lvl 60s. 

The barrows: 
OK just follow this trail until you enter the barrows. Once you enter them (you can use the brief command and you'll see when you enter them) let me just explain how this works. The barrows are sorta like a field. I think it is a 4 by 4 field. You can go n,s,e,w in any room in the barrows even though they don't say they have exits. Also you can go up in every room in the barrows. Notice when you go up you are standing on a mound. They are burial rooms. Also if you run around you will see the first Doppleganger. He will have the same name was whoever your character is, hes not that hard. Kill him, Hes really the baron the first guy you have to kill. 

Entering the 5 peoples tombs the Watcher talked about:

OK now you have to enter the tombs of the dead. You have those names from the watcher so the easiest way to do this is to make a macro say " lsdkjfaek"; say "a;lkdjfs" and so on for all 5. As I said from every room in the barrows you can go up. So start in the upper left and work your way to the lower right and go up in every single room. when you are up type the macro. There are 5 rooms of the possible 16 that are triggered by saying the names of one of the dead guys the doppleganger was talking about. As soon as you say the right name in the right room you will fall into their tomb. (NOTE: you can leave the tombs by going up) Enter all 5 tombs and look at everything. One of the tombs will speak of the king Potock-Norpa make a seperate macro for him taht says his name. Now make sure that you have entered all 5 tombs and killed the doppleganger. Start searching in the NW area of the barrows for the mountain pass how you entered. From the last room that has directions go 3 south and then up. Say "Potock-norpa" and you will fall into the kings tomb. Search around and then say "rise king" the king will rise and give you a message thanking you for killing the baron and asking you to kill the other Doppleganger (the harder one).

I’m unsure if you need to go into every tomb. I think you might be able to just go into Potock-Norpa’s tomb, say “rise king”, then go kill the other doppelganger. 

Go to the northeast most room in the barrows and from there go all north, nw; ne;d ; climb ; all south; all east; s; 2 west; u; e. In this room you need to "Kill king 2" and thats it.

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