Location: (20,10). In a great reef.
Enter dinghy to arrive
The are lots of items on the ground in the rooms. Mainly food which made me
basically full after one item but revived me fully.
jelly fish,sea urchin,sea mussel,sea shrimp.
clam shell,sand dollar,Seashell.
These are used to trade with the mob Big Mufassa Trader.
Mufassa trade good booty for shells.'trade booty' for you.
seashell necklace cost 2 clams 1 sand dollar and 5 seashells
scrimshaw choker cost 6 seashells and 2 clams
sand-dollar bangles 4 seashells and 4 sand dollars
bread fruit cost 7 seashells and 1 sand dollar
pair of polished amber earrings cost 5 seashells and 1 sand dollar
spiral armour 6 seashells and 4 sand dollars

From the dinghy: e,3s,2,w
Two Fucawee traders wives
One wife has sand dollar bangles and grass skirt she also has a spell I
didn't stick around to find out what it was Fucawee traders second wife
exclaims: Power of the Universe, one big blow, into the heart of my current
The other is is naked. The first wife has taken all from her. As permitted
by Fucawee tribal traditions.
Attack one they auto you

Also in the room is. Fucawee trader
Shrunken skull of poison monkey blood (nearly full)    412 gold
An old, bone, fucawee torch                            549 gold
A small backpack                                       138 gold
Big Mufassa Trader (4k) is one room north

From dinghy e,4s,w,2s,4e,s: is a hut.
Muffasa witch doctor (speaks in Farsi)
-Sells magic rings for 679 platinum
-purchase magical coconuts (orbs)
 note: you can have 6 of each (not sure if it makes mp gain faster)

From dinghy 5e. is a ship wreck.
wreck cabin hole hole plank aft door is the pirates hideout.

From dinghy 4e cave:
2 pirate guards and 2 pirate mates 3k each
Pirates earring and A pirates doo-rag. they are more difficult then 3k

one north in the cave is:
4 pirates + Captain hook the infamous pirate A hook hand (specials)

one more north in the cave is:
Pegleg MaGee the pirate (has A pirates peg leg and one black boot) + four
north again:
One eyed Bart the pirate (has A pirates eye patch) + 5 pirates

north again:
Erol Flynn the movie star dressed as a pirate
Silk tunic and A pirates cutlass

Hungry fucawee cannibal e,n (40k)
- quiver for storing arrows and a bow

Other then these features there are random mobs all over the island some
off which autoed me with only 16 charisma
all drop seashells and money
Crabby crab 2k, A sand pixie 1k, Mufasa imp 4k, Sea turtle 4k, A colorful
snake 3k, A colorful bird 2k
Fucawee cannibal 4k
- quiver for storing arrows and a bow
Female fucawee cannibal 4k
-grass skirt and fucawee spear

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