I found gablesville, a small town hidden deep within fire island that looks
like a great xp area for higher level mages.
You have to venture to the southeastern area of Xenora until you come to a
dead end and a river.  "swim" will get you to fire island, which is full of
fire elementals and the Xenoran "Blood Red Fire Dragon", the fire
elementals aren't too tough but I decided not to kill the dragon after it
clawed me for 1500 damage.  As you go deeper into the volcano you get to a
room with the Greater fire elemental, there is a hidden area from there
which is full of pretty weak mobs - evil child(turns into a demon>, dark
snakes, and "shadows" if you head north you will reach a room with an Evil
child and a passage down.  If you go down you will be at the northern end
of Gablesville. Gablesville is pretty small, but packed with tough mobs.
Up at the northern end there are "members of the town guard", they swarm
and are worth around 43k exp. A few rooms north of the [] are 2 shops east
and west.  They shopkeepers are really tough - did 300 damage to me in a
single round! But they are worth 110k exp if you wanna kill them.
Also near the shops there are a few residents of gablesville, they aren't
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too tough but are only worth 40k.  At the [] their is "An Abomination
shackled to the Spike", its really easy to kill probably the weakest
monster in gablesville. To the southwest there are the stables, except
instead of horses you may get a "giant tarantula" to mount, I unfortunately
didn't get to test out the spider mounts, being half-horse and all.  All
the way south their is another mob, "Eldrege the Farmer" he's a little
tougher than the residents but not too hard.  Southeast of the square is a
long road, with houses to the north and west full of Residents.  At the end
of the road you get to "Dester the Magician".
Being the foolhardy Explorer I am, I bumped dester into an Adjacent room
and charged him.  It got him to injured and then he decided to "shoot a
psychic arrow" into my mind. That did about 800 damage to me and left me
para'd for about 5 rounds, luckily though he left angrily back to his
normal room. He also Blasts, which I am glad not to have done to me. 
        Most of the mobs are gnomes and none of them besides Dester have
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any special abilites, however they have high strength and even the
residents do a good 200 damage a round.  I wouldn't go there until your a
least level 40.

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