After going through a re-exploring Gofur on Wiegraf's request i did realize
i left alot of mobs out and will post the mobs found in the houses of
southern Gofur then the forrest found in southeastern Gofur below the

The following mobs can found in the "Large Manors" in southern Gofur.

Stephen McDwarf - 40k - Dwarven Battle Axe

Hans McDwarf - 40k - Dwarven Battle Axe

Angus McDwarf - 40k - Dwarven Battle Axe

Little Bratt - 28k - Bronze Dagger

Snobby Wife - 27k
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I found these mobs in the "Nice Houses"

Rich Bratt - 28k - Bronze Dagger

Rich Wife - 27k

I found these mobs outside the houses and/or in both of the types of houses

Maid - 22k

Cool - 22k - Bronze Dagger

Servant - 22k

Guild Accountant - 29k - Bronze Dagger

Gardener - 22k - Bronze Dagger

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Snow White - 38k - Bronze Dagger
Those were the mobs i encountered in the houses of Gofur.

The following mobs are the few i did find in the forrest of Gofur.

Dwarven Hunter - 29k - Bronze Dagger/Hunters Spear

Lumberjack - 28k - woodsmans axe

Large Moose - 31k

Large Elk - 31k

Those were the mobs i found in the forrest, the lumberjacks and hunters
require 25 charmisma as most the rest of gofur requires, but i believe the
animals in the forrest are 30 charisma, maybe higher. The forrest is like
the forrest north of Gofur, you cant survey so you have to peer and the
rooms appear with "no exits".
Hopefully i got all the mobs marked now and can give a good reference to
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anyone going there for the first time :).

Good luck, safe travels
Propagandhi Uber Alles
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Angus McDwarf is worth 62k xp not 40k, so be careful hes kinda tough :P

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