Well this exploration was done by me basically because I was bored and
couldn't exp thnx to Enmity, Maal and Butch for clearing gofur up. Well
holgresh is supposed to be one of the better xping areas in the game not
many mobs here though. I choose this place because tis nearer to haven. :P
Well so this is the guide to holgresh. After going at the east end after
the dinghy ull have to enter cave , pretty small one though there ull find
water elementals. Huge water elemental is random or u need to do something
to make it pop I need to find out still.(XP and material info later). Ok so
after the second room after the dinghy ull have to climb cliff. Nearby ull
find a cave in which ull find an ancient wyvern. So after going to the
northish side ull find the first holgresh drake a very tough mob I guess
not much ppl among us will be able to take it easily. After going a bit
more northish ull find a tree. The tree contains a swirling black orb that
gives armour when shattered and is useful only at elite.
        So again we come back to the first holgresh drake. Here go to the
east and climb cliff. Going southish ull find holgresh elder and some
drakes nothing much here. Go northish and ull find some more drakes and a
cave in which ull find the holgresh hatchlings broodlings and broodmother
and some drakes. Northish from the cave ull find a temple in the temple
there are two drake guardians guarding the temple entrance thr ull find a
door which needs a sort of a key to pass through. Now to get this ull have
to do some quest which I cannot talk about. ( took many hours to solve it

                                 In the temple

Entering the temple first ull find a sentry. Well the area is a pretty
small one. On going the eastish side ull eventually come to the throne room
where ull find aster Yael. Searching around ull find nobles and other mobs
which are more or less the same. In the throne room look at the statues and
ull find the way to get further ahead. Here there are only like 5-6 rooms
here ull find 2 guardian wyverns. The bumper mob is Lord Yelinak the lord
of holgresh and the only dragon on the island and mebbe the most tuff one
inn the game. He is the one who has built the temple. Seems kinda lordly as
he is name and according to me this is the farthest end of the island. The
good thing about this island that found out is that no mobs auto here so a
pretty good place but not advisable for an
player below lvl 40 to come here unless ur buff and dunno u might need
around 110 dex to land bs on these things. These mobs are REALLY tough so I
wont advice anyone to kill em. I nearly got pwned to death by a water
elemental escaped on 18 hp thnx to snail or else 1 more round and I was

Mob Info: -

1. Holgresh Drake: 120k XP, gives drake scale, TUFF MOB!! Has a special
like claw which pretty much hurts.

2. Holgresh Sentry: 120k XP, gives drake scale, TUFF MOB!! Has special like
claw , which hurts.

3. Holgresh Elder: 120k mob, gives drake scale, TUFF MOB!! Has drake claws
which can hurt.

4. Hatchlings: 50k XP, rather tuff.

5. Broodling:  60k XP, little tuffer than the hatchlings.

6. "Holgresh BROODMOTHER" : 120k mob, TOO MUCH TUFF MOB(unless you have
para), CLAWS for about 2k-hp dmg not advisable to take the claw unless you
have like 2.5k hp. Gives sapphire necklace.

7. Guardians: 120k mobs, TUFF MOB!! Same as holgresh drake

8. Water elemental: 120k mob, TUFF MOB!! Tried to kill it but too tough
escaped on 18hp.(did 700 dmg in 5 rounds).

9. Huge water elemental: 120k mob, TUFF MOB!! Might have some nasty
specials. Has " Belt Of Magical Water".

Temple Mobs:-

1. holgresh sentry - as above

2. Noble: 120k mob, TUFF MOB!! Has embroidered black cape, sapphire
necklace, and crystalline staff.

WINGBLADE"( probably the undisputed best sword of the game). Special hurts
a lot. Might rush or do things haven't really tried him.

4. Guardian Wyvern: 120k mob, TUFF MOB!! Might have specials havent tried.

5. "LORD YELINAK": 120k mobs, TOO MUCH TUFF MOB!!, haven't tried him wont
advice anyone to try him either only dragon on the whole island defini

CLAWS and might cast some nasty spells.

Thats all. I think i have covered everything there.
Any edits are Welcome.

Fisto - The Exploring Bard.
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Nice Holgresh guide! Not much i can add to that but I'll try... :)

The huge water elemental's special is rush. Quite a decent rush which i
don't recommend to take if you aren't a strong elite and even then I still
don't recommend to take it :)

The usual drakes don't claw!! All they do is bolt, which does less dmg than
their regular rounds. Those hurt a lot though. But they don't claw thank

The noble who holds the crystalline staff has his own name, Seer Va'Kael.
Any input on the staff would be greatly appreciated!! Lore it. See what it
expected to give, who knows, maybe there is some way to actually use it...?

Holgresh guardians aren't just tough mobs, they also have a nasty
annihilate which hurts quite a lot.

And finally there is another piece of stuff in holgresh, a certain dagger
on a certain guardian wyvern southwest from Yelinak. The wyvern has its own
name which escapes me and the dagger is well know i think it is the
serrated bone dagger and one of the best daggers in the game.

edit on stuff: I don't think sentries give drake scales, but holgresh
guardians surely do.
(maybe i was just unlucky with sentries?)

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