Rewards: Golden Whistle (doesn’t disappear like the silver whistle you get from the Book of Kings quest)
PREREQS: You must have already completed the Book of Kings quest.  

Step 1: 
     Go to the clouds and enter the church. Get the bucket by the well, enter the well and fill the bucket with water. Now climb up again and go give the bucket to the priest. He will bless you.
Step 2: 
     Now go to the corn maze a bit north and go 12 north and then northeast. You'll come to a garden. Find the trellis and climb it and then enter the Abbey.
Step 3: 
     Give the book to the High Sage. He asks you if you want to go on a crusade. Say crusade, and he'll tell you to go get deemed worthy by the other sages. To do this, you have to answer their questions. It's really fun and easy, so please don't read the answers before you've tried it ;)

The Sage of Wisdom: 
   Q: Nearly bright as the sun, sometimes dark as space. Like a pearl on black velvet, with diamonds twinkling in a case. What am I?
   A: The moon
Sage of Respect:
Q: Forward I am heavy, but backwards I'm not. What could I be?
A: ton
Sage of Trust:
Q: If you have it, you want to share it. If you share it, you don't have it.
A: secret
Sage of Perception:
Q: What is the beginning of eternity, the end of time and space, the
beginning of every end, and the end of every race?
A: E
Sage of Patience:
Q: We love it more than life.... We fear it more than death.... The wealthy
want for it... The poor have it in plenty... If you eat it, you die.... what is it?
A: nothing
Sage of Stamina:
Q: Squeeze it and it cries tears as red as its flesh, but its heart is made
of stone. What am I?
A: cherry

Step 4:
    Get all the gems that the sages drop and go kneel in front of the High Sage.

Go down and enter the room with the scholar sitting at a desk. Douse the
fire in the fireplace and enter the fireplace. Keep going, and when you come to a dead end, just keep going east. In the end enter the hole. You now arrive at a thunderdome with a guy named Master Blaster.
From Master Blaster.
1) Once you arrive at MasterBlaster at the Thunderdome, you will need to
kill him to get that bone key to leave the dome (south door might be open from someone else, so you might wanna check first if the guy is hard for  you)
2) Once the south door is open, you can follow the corridor; it's fairly straight-forward, just walk around and always head up if you can.
3) You will eventually hit a gate.. look around and you see a lever.  Pull
the lever to get in.
4) You are now in the Arena of Heroes. You are enclosed in until you can
kill all the mobs and loot the shards. (Make sure your autosac LOOTS ALL!)
5) At the north end of the arena, you will find a door with a white glow.
Now, you know that the shards are related, but
how? Look at them.. they are a part of the puzzle.  Assemble shards to
form the Shield of Heroes and open the door! (Btw, if you already have the shield of heroes, there is no need to get all the shards and assemble them)
6) Now, follow the corridor, roughly northish and up, until you see an east
exit.  Then, head east till you see a bookshelf.  I know it's quite
interesting, but don't forget where this is. You can
push the bookshelf if you ever want to leave.
7) At any rate, head back west and go all northish till you hit the room
with weststairs and eaststairs.  To my knowledge, east and west does nil and weststairs and eaststairs is pretty much the same, but head up the weststairs.  Now, I think you need to head all northish and up until you hit a s,e,n,u,d room.  From here, head south.
8) Okay, you are now at the Points of Magi. I recommend EXTREME caution at this point.  The Archmagis don't auto as far I know, but they can para you (freeze/para/dreamweave) and some will estorm.  You can die from this.  If you dare, continue on and kill all the archmagis and collect the items from their corpses.
9) Now, here's the tricky part.  You should have a Fish, Sundial, Star, Sphere, Ball, and Rose, one for each of the Magi points, but they are all mixed up.  Visit each of the magi points and do the following: 
For Necro Point - put the sphere on the pedestal,
Druid Point - put the sundial on the pedestal,
Sorcerer Point - put the fish in the water,
Healer Point - put the ball on the pedestal,
Warlock Point - put the rose in the stones, 
Wizard Point - put the star in the sky.
You will get a message indicating if you had put a piece in the correct spot.

10) After you manage to accomplish all this, find the center of the Magi points, and look at the stone.  A blinding flash will occur and a key will appear.  This will cause one of three keys to appear: crystal, quartz, and glass
  The key it gives you seems to be random or may depend on which keys you already have.  You may want kill the Magis many times to get all the keys.
At any rate, grab the key, and notice which type it is; it's going to tell you which door you can open.
11) Head back to the n,e,s,u,d room and start searching around, first try
going all northish/upish until you hit a door.  If the door matches your key, you can open it.. if not, head back start searching around for the other doors (try going n or e, then all upish or head back to the eaststairs
and search around there)
12) At any rate, you will find the door for the respective key eventually and enter.  You will encounter one of the 3 Torocks and a Magical Orb.  Try asking the Torocks for clues about the chalice or quest and watch the reaction. If you find Torock the Fallen (crystal key), you can kill him and loot a gold cup! Congrats! You have found the chalice! Try dropping the cup for fun. :) You can also check out Torock the Holy (quartz key) and Torock the Gray (glass key).
13) Now, remember that bookshelf? Head back and push it to return to the blessing priest. After that, head e and n to find the
Holy Altar. This is where you have to place the cup on the altar but first look at the cup notice that it's empty. Go Look at the Entrance Door and i'm sure it will be quite clear what you need to fill it with. 

So fill it with the dark and light (sun spirit and moon spirit) then just go back and place it on the altar. And you get the golden whistle GOOD JOB.

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