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IM...or Imaldris is a city in the land of Wolvesdale
The Main reason for coming and goings of this land is for money running. A
full bag of IM eq is worth about 30-35k
These items are- Magnificent scepter...never autos
- Royally engraved broadswoard autos -
- Engraved broadsword- autos 15
-Elven made boots- autos 13( i think)
-Mesh chain armour- autos -
-steel sleeves- autoas about 15
-Steel greave- autoas about 15
- jewelled cutlass- autoas 11 or 12
- dcd...deadly curved dagger- autoas lv 14
- copper plated armour- autoas 15
-Footmans pike- autos lv 15
- steel breastplate- autos- 15
IM is also good for xp
IM soldiers- 6.5k-- Mesh chain armour, Footmans pike/ engraved broadsword,
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elven made boots
Nobles- Nothing/ elven boots/ copper plated armour/ engraved broadsword
Peasant- nothing/ elven made boots
Noble guards- steel greave, steel sleeves, engraved broadsword/ royally
engraved broadsword
Drunken Fool- Nothing/ dcd
Advisor- 10k - magnificent scepter
peasant 4k, N guard 10k, Noble 5k,
Prince allon( i think thats how you spell it)-16k - jewelled cutlass
There is also a 'shadow' in IM that holds a dcd
And a secret passage that leads to some....demons >=)
NOTE: IM [ ] is not a safe zone
There is also the prince and princess...but they are too important :)
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There is shops which sel items in electrum
That about Raps up IM

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