The quest to be immortal is not a quest for the weak of heart. You must journey to all 
the ends of the world and back to accomplish this quest if you wish to join the gods in 
the sky. 

NOTE: No I have not done this quest either. However, I think that I know pretty 
well how to do it. Doing this quest puts a constelation of you in the sky. 

Recommended Level: You can do this at level 15 or so no problem.

Rewards: A constellation of you will be added in the skies (or so the rumor 

What you must do:

Step 1:
Get the crystall ball and "LORE" it with the spell.


You have to collect all 9 Spheres to get them you must kill the Children. There 
are 8 children hidden throughout the area, you have to kill them all and they 
will drop a sphere.
I don't know where all of them are. But the ones I do know are:

1.) Red Sphere - Forest of Deception quest, you get this one for completing the quest.
2.) Cyan Sphere - Sunken City Tower 1
3.) Black Sphere - Sunken City Tower 2
4.) Purple Sphere - Sunken City Tower 3
5.) Sphere - Lanerell ( Kill Overlord and A child appears)
6.) Sphere - Lanerell (Child in the forest) 
7.) Sphere - Lanerell (Guy on Cliff - Go all west then all north from Lanerell landing  then go up 2 and you will see this child. KILL HIM!!)
8.) Sphere - Cabeiri, give the Orc sword to Unity. To get this sword you must kill the orc king. Unity is located in chapel
9.) White Sphere - DON"T KNOW (rumor has it that its in Himmy)

NOTE: For the sunken City towers there are three. But to help go to the mage hall. There is one south east without entering any gates. That one gives the Cyan Sphere. Then go north and enter a gate and around there is anohter one and then go all north and there is another gate enter and that has the last sphere. To get the spheres on the first floor kill the children and you get the sphere. 

Now what to do that you have gotten them all. I think that you have to go to the Cab 
library. Whatever it is you must go back to Cab where you started. And what Tips me 
off is that the pedestal in the passage in the library (see Lover's Sin quest) has slots 
for different colored spheres. So I think that you have to put the spheres in the slots on
the pedestal.

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