First of all, it's located at 27,12 for sailing purposes.  when you
first arrive on the island, there are 2 crabs to the east worth about
500 xp a piece.  North of them, through an undisplayed exit you can
find 2x Soldiers with A long sword and Kender Battle Armour, worth 7k. 
Heading north brings you to the bottom of a cliff with a Tree Monkey,
they are worth 3k and have no items.  From there you can 'climb cliff'
and then enter a cave where you can 'move rock' to find An old hermit. 
He has an enchanted leather tunic and an enchanted staff, worth 4k. 
If you take too long killing him the exit will close and you will need
to open it again with the same command.  Once you exit the cave, you may
'climb cliff' to come to the main area of the island.  Here you'll find
more tree monkeys and if you curve to the south, south east you will
come across a Kender Hunter worth 10k, and he drops some money and a
hunting knife.  South of the room of the hunter, you may 'climb tree'
to find 3 kender children who are not worth much xp. They drop wooden
spears and old metal swords, but are on the scale of the crabs in the
beginning.  To the southwest of the main trail, you will find more
citizens and soldiers.  The citizens are worth about 3k and drop a
little gold.  There are also Kender Veterans worth 11k and they drop
battle armour and ivory knives.  There are two shops in the southern
area, neither with anything good in thier main rooms.  You may
'pay yatr' to get access to his special room where he sells spiked
warrior gloves, some of the best gloves that also give a melee damage
bonus.  Heading north toward the throne room, you will find Kender
guards, worth 27k who drop battle armour, Crystal Cutlasses, and steel
helmets.  When you first encounter them, you may also go east to find
a hidden Assassin who is considerably more powerful then most of the
other mobs on the island, he drops Assassin's knives and I believe the
assassin's cloak.  At the farthest north room you'll encounter some more
kender guards, and the king who drops battle armour and the golden
crown, which is worth a decent amount of money.  He's also somewhat
difficult compared to the rest of the island because he slashes. 
Once done, there are 2 ways to exit, back the way you came in or you
can go e,n,w of yatr and climb down.  Here it's a maze filled with
very simple low xp animal mobs and another kender hunter.  From the
starting room at the bottom of the cliff, w,s,w,e,e,s will take
you out.  

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