I started on the fated day ie 7th of Aenterki.
The ship I stopped at Kobold island sometimes also called korlis.
Towards the North-east I entered a small kobold village.
Though most of the kobolds were drunk, some did take an interest in my
I was stopped from going any further by some strong looking kobold guards
wielding  some staffs and swords.
I killed them and proceeded into the forest through a lot of brush.
In the forest I found some elves and some wild animals.
The elves warned me about the very dangerous howler monkeys. And sure
enough there were three of them at different places seeming like guardians
to something.
There I found it then.a way into a cliff!!     
I rested there for a while and then set off climbing upafter nearly
falling of the treacherous slope I managed to get inside a huge cavern.
Now ull see these caverns are Huge like. Heres a description of them.
1) there are some relatively easy mobs inside...Kobold
--More-- (51%) [hit <enter> or <space> to continue or <q> to quit]

Acolytes/guardians/centipedes and the like...give xp ranging from 5k to 10k
2) there are harder mobs which i kept away from like ghosts,wraiths and
some nasty Ghasts
----------Back to the story
Now i went down three levels into the deepest corridors of the catacomb of
caves which are delved inside the mountain itself,
I found towards the south The GUARDIAN of RIVAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Then as i was too weak a adventurer to attempt to kill it i proceded
towards a "tunnel"<that was after searching for a looooooooong time>
I was tired but not dispirited...and i searched around and finally dug at
some rubble and found myself at the gates of "Raurfin" or Korlis city.
The mobs give an average of 15k xp but harder mobs give upto 50k i

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