This quest is not for the weak. The mobs that you are required to kill are seriously hard. The first thing you need to get is the map for the korlis ruins (the long one with about 10 levels). 

1. Go to the kobold city (underground) and talk to the bounty hunter. You should also find a paper in the same room as Rivak which explains the quest a little more. 
2. Go to the very bottom of the tunnels and find the 5 lichs (this should be on the map as well) and kill them. You will be able to loot various items off of them. Each one has a piece of the amulet you need. Take the pieces to where  the blacksmith is in the kobold city. You will have to kill the blacksmith first and then you can place the pieces into some sort of mold. Once they are all in you have to mold the amulet together. I forget the exact syntax. 
3. Go back down to where Mazrik (the beast of Korlis) is and give him the amulet. You can now kill him. His soul will get trapped in the amulet once he is dead and then you have to go to the bounty hunters office and give him the amulet. The quest is done. The hunter will give you the amulet back and you can wear it around.

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