The Kobold God, KurKar, has been trying to enter into the realm of Merentha since the dawn of time. Now, the Kobolds are close to realizing this achievement. Will you help them, or impede them?! 

Rewards: Don't remember

Step 1
Go to kobold island (Korlis) and enter the gates to the palace You will have to enter a room and kill 2 guards and a high guard. 

Step 2
Find the advisor and talk to him (hes on the first floor after u enter and kill the guards to get into the palace you go east a few adn then south. Say "k'bob" and He will tell you, that he wants the heads
of K'Bob, his elven babe and some high-rank military dude.

Go a lot up and enter a closet somewhere upstairs. Type "Mess up Closet" to Mess up the closet a fewtimes and finght the skeletons. Get the key and go to the dungeons. The keyfits one of these doors, and in there the elven babe is. Kill her and get the head. 

Get the note from the closet and step out and do with the mirror as the note
says. Now you come to a place, where some undead forces are. They're not
objects; only room desciption. Attack them a few times, and lastly you will
fight the military dude. When he's dead, get his head. Note that this part
could be a bit dangerous, so beware.

Step 3
Now go to K'Bob over the bridge and all the way north. Kill him and get the
head. You should also beware of this guy, as he too is somewhat difficult to

Now go deliver the heads to the advisor, and the quest is solved

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