| Post number 29 by K'aine..."Lakehurst"  \
West of our guild hall, I found a path leading north to a valley.  The
valley had a river going through it, and there is a wheelhouse crossing
the river.  To the north and east of the valley there are two paths
leading up to a little town called Lakehurst.  The town is centered
around a lake and is inhabited by halflings and half-ogres.  Surrounding
the town are meadows and farms, and beyond is a dark forest.  Halfling
hunters and half-ogre lumberjacks roam the forest.  To the northeast is
a halfling mine.
A Halfling Tailor - 10k - Iron Dagger, Leather Boots, Leather Cuirass
An Armorsmith - 15k - Iron Longsword, Work Boots, Half-Ogre Work Gloves
 Iron Helm, Half-Ogre Chains
Bear - 13k
Bob Miller - 10k - Iron Dagger, Leather Boots, Leather Cuirass
Brewmaster Joe - 9k - Iron Dagger, Leather Helm, Leather Gloves
Brewmaster Mike - 9k - Iron Longsword, Half-Ogre Work Gloves, Iron Helm
Buck - 12k
Chicken - 5k
Cow - 7k
Doe - 10k
Ewe - 7k
Farmer Jones - 8k - Sickle
Farmer Smith - 8k - Sickle
Farmer's Wife - 7k - Iron Dagger
Gold Frog - 4k
Groundhog - 7k
Half-Ogre Teen - 7k - Iron Dagger
Halfling Child - 4k
Halfling Farmer - 8k - Iron Dagger, Leather Bracers, Leather Leggings,
 Leather Boots, Leather Gloves
Halfling Hunter - 10k - Iron Dagger, Short Sword, Leather Cuirass,
 Leather Boots, Leather Gloves
Halfling Mother - 7k - Iron Dagger
Halfling Teen - 7k - Iron Dagger
Jackrabbit - 3k
Jake - 10k
Joe - 10k
Joe Miller - 11k

Juvenile Wolf - 9k
Lumberjack - 12k - Two-Handed Axe, Work Boots, Half-Ogre Work Gloves
Lumberjack Foreman - 14k - Two-Handed Axe, Work Boots, Half-Ogre Work
Lumberjack's Wife - 9k - Iron Dagger
Mean Snake - 12k - Snake Fangs
Miner Foreman - 14k - Iron Dagger, Leather Cuirass, Leather Boots
Miner - 10k - Iron Dagger, Leather Helm, Leather Boots, Leather Gloves
Mrs. DeHades - 7k - Iron Dagger
Mrs. Jones - 7k Iron Dagger
Mrs. Smith - 7k Iron Dagger
Old Halfling - 3k
Rhonda - 7k
Shoe - 9k
Sugar - 7k - Iron Dagger
Town Watchman - 11k - Iron Two-Handed Sword, Half-Ogre Chains, Iron Helm
Warehouse Foreman - 11k
Weasel - 6k
Weebo - 9k
Wolf - 10k
Wolf Cub - 5k
Its a pretty easy area but there's lots of new kills here.

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