| Post number 27 by Newt..."Dragon Caves"  \
Fellow explorers I bring you news of my travels within the Dragon Caves
located not far from here. Manys the time in the past I've skirted past
these foul caves fearful of the warning at their entrance:

   Beware, this is the Dragon Overlords realm. Do not tresspass.

Caution is indeed required but treasures and more are to be found
within for those who dare. The following notes are pieced together
over the course of several trips.

The caves are guarded by a Hydra, more formidible a sight than a foe.
However, there is another guard less easy to see who frequents this
spot that you need stay alert for - a Bounty hunter who is apt to
roam as you descend. The caves, remnants of an old Dwarfish mine,
have decayed and can be hard to follow as the passages bend back
upon themselves unexpectedly, nowhere more so than near the Thunder
Dragon's lair. Yes these caves are for the most part populated
entirely by dragons. Fortunately they are solitary beasts who seldom,
never in my experience, stray from their nests.

The initial going and monsters are relatively easy but as you
penetrate further you will find stronger magic to overcome. The
adventurer should be prepared to face and overcome strong magic
in addition to the flaming breath of the dragons.

Some curiousities within:
 - the Spider Queen, hidden perhaps from the dragons themselves
 - a clue suggesting one search the walls that didn't help me
 - an old dwarven structure that again didn't help me
 - "magical" exit. Has only ever taken me to spot near surface
 - frozen hoard of the ice-dragon. Can it be thawed?

The denizens are by and large neutral or near neutral but mean,
with one exception - a saintly yet aggressive Sky Dragon. The
catalog following shows magic powers used in my presence by
various dragons - I expect that the stronger ones have more
variety than I have yet seen. I fear for those without the
wisdom to counter spells of annihilation and rapture yet some
will doubtless be lured beyond their means by the treasure
within for all but the Frost dragon carry hundreds of gold
coins as dragons and their ilk are wont to do.

 Hydra           4K             No Herculean task this one.
 Drake           4K             Weak
 Spider Queen   10K             Mean. Burn spells.

 Dragons (most have flaming breath)
 Erif           3K
 Stone          4K
 Ria            8K
 Fire           9K              Mean. Flaming breath.
 Water (two)    10K             Flaming breath [-150hp]
 Black          23K             Demonic. Flaming breath [-174hp]
 Ice            10K             Has Freeze. Frozen hoard.
 Thunder        13K             Mean.
 Drol           9K             
 Sky            33K             Saintly. Casts shock. Auto'd.
 Mossy          23K             Mean. Annihiliate [-280hp]
                                Flaming breath [-190hp]
 Wind           22K             Rapture!
 Moon           14K             Mean.
 Cold           22K            
 Frost          29K             Mean. Freeze.
 D. Guard       9K              Severs lifeforce.

 D. Lord        40K             Mean. Flaming breath [-168hp]
 D. Overlord    73K             Mean. Auto. Annihilate. Interesting death.

Newt the blue cleric [Lvl 21 at time of exploration]

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