| Post number 27 by Gorion..."Liky Part 1."  \
With salve at hand, a couple of bags & a nice array of weapons I was ready
to head of to the island of Liku. After leaving my
boat I stumbles on the old fishing docks. Climbing above I happen to
stumble on a village filled with Lizard people. The theme of
this island is roman like with lizardman soldiers being common. Further
east you will see Lizardman farmer's working on their
famrs, milking their cows, growing various amounts of vegetables.
Continuing east i was heading for the Seaker Mountains. As I
look north I see a desert known as the Sandrider Desert. I venture North
having a thirs for adventure. Though when i reach the
farthest I can go all I can see are gazelle. For a brief second I believe I
saw a snake of some kind further north far beyond my
reach. Maybe it was just a mirage. After playing with the gerbils & baby
turtles I decided to head back to lizard civilization.
After passing by some more lizard soldiers I noticed some lizards much
younger than the soldiers. I noticed their distinctive
rings. I then ventured in un invited into many of their rooms. The

lizardman woman was not happy though it had something to do
with her husband's campaigns. The pictures in theire cave houses were quite
intresting. Further going east one of the cave's i
entered consisted of a lizardman vendor selling me an array of items. I
hurried back out continuing my exploration. I headed of
further east only to find a dead end. I then decided to explore the caves
of the south of me before trying to climb the cliffs of
the south. As I head inside the very large cave I am surprised to find a
wine merchant selling me wine. Reading the meny I see a
bottle of firewater, a jug of wine, & a pint of ale. I take none as I did
have a large amount of supplies I forgot to bring
moolah. Further exploration in the cave pass the many soldiers, I then
stumble on a food merchant. He will happily sell me a
strip of snake meat, a wedge of cheese, & a loaf of bread. I also managed
to find a library in the cave. In it there is a book
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lying on the table & it is quite a fascinating read. I then propped in the
Lizardman Senate noticing Cicero, Cassius & Brutus. I
leave them and their politics behind. Also scattered around you might find
cul-de-sacs & hang out's where the punk's stay.

I have explored the city quite well. I then decide to head up towards the
mountains. I climb up upon the wine terrace's to see
where I can climb up more easily & surely enough I see a trail. After going
past the big horn sheep(teheh) I then end up on the
diamondback flats. I see a range of critters includding armadillo,
rattlesnake & tortosies. I also noticed a tower filled with
lizardman sentry & the like. Up above the guard tower there is a good view.
Going south I find myself with another lizardman
sentry & a white steed. It would probably be nice to travel on. After
lockpicking the gate(teheheh) I went south to find more
flat lang. I see things such as grizzly bear,buffalo & so forth. I make my
mark on the Artrell's Board. (read 7 haha its still
there). Going further South I stumble upon a lizardman centurion. He was a
little bit busy destroying buildings & rounding up
women, so I thought id let him be.

At that point I realised I was in the Highlander village. Many of the
inhabittants were to busy fighting a war or something so i
wasnt able to talk to them for long. A lot of burning huts I noticed. The
highlander chief in the centere of their [] said
something about freedom though I wasnt listening. I had a chat with Doug &
Bob though & they told me how to spell Canada.
C,eh,N,eh,D,eh it went. Going further south Ignoring the trail for now. I
went west to a ledge & found a lizardman Horseman. East
on the other ledge I found a grizzly bear & what looked like a bridge.
Though I was unable to 'cross bridge' from this side.

Before deciding to take trail1 i headed of to the store to see another
lizardman vendor. He wasnt selling much. In trail1 after
going past the 2 sheep I noticed a large boulder though my centaur senses
told me to not touch it & leave it for another day.

After heading north to the trail i decided to head to the trail2. From
there I headed north a little bit. I noticed the nice
plants & decided to fiddle around a little bit there. Just like magic I
found a ledge to go on. Some castle youth's then advised
me to 'jump' on the 'tree'. Taking everyone's advice so readily I did so
and stumbled down. East of me I found a troll. After
whopping some troll but ignoring its feeble threats to offer it money I
headed east to what looked like a grassy plain.

In this plain i managed to notice a number of things including buffalo,
assortment of hunter's, a wandering mistrell, a castle
youth, & a number of 'shadows'. I just hope you're as good looking as me if
you want to come around here :P. This now leaves me
to 2 directions. I may head of to the north where I will be in the
outskirt's of castle Broadhurst, or I may travel south past
the lake toward's the lizardman encampment. I decided to go toward's the
human side first across the bridge. I was then on the
outskirt's of the magnificent castle in which by the look's of it was under
seige. I decided to further investigate the
situation. Before I continued though I decided to rest on the unused
catapult & continue my exploration further for another day
as I am tired & its probably a full moon & centaur's love full moon's. So
till then adios!~.

Village & surroundings:
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A lizardman fisherman (6k xp)-diamond dagger
A lizardman woman (6k xp)-diamond dagger,one inside a cave has a roling pin
or a short sword
A lizardman youth(2k xp)-small club(some have pointy sticks)
A lizardman soldier(9-20k xp...the one's inside the cave are
stronger)-short sword,kite shield,tortoise shell helm(some have
halberd's instead of sword's...some dont have shield's.)
cow(5k xp)
farmer(6k xp)-diamond dagger
bull(19k xp)
gazelle(6k xp)
gerbil(4k xp)
baby tortoise(6k xp)
A lizardman punk(4k xp)-diamond dagger,punk ring,(some have chains)
a lizardman ranger(5k xp)-short sword,diamong dagger,a pair of scale
boots,mesh gloves
a lizardman worker(4k xp)-diamond dagger,a pair of scale boots
a lizardman(7k xp)-short sword, mesh hood
a lizardman child(less than 1k xp)
A lizardman vendor:(range of things switchblade knife, chains, mesh gloves
etc)-(1k xp)-rolling pin-168 gold
a food merchant(aka cornerlia)(a strip of snake meat 129 gold, a wedge of
cheese 91 gold, a loaf of bread 59 gold)-(5k xp)-diaomd
dagger, a pair of black leather boots-82 gold
A wine merchant(aka myron)(A bottle of firewater 413 gold, a jug of wine
129 gold, a pint of ale 59 gold)-(7k xp)-diamond dagger,
a pair of scale boots-61 gold
a librarian(5k xp)-a history book
cicero(11k xP)- a diamond dagger, a gold key
Cassius(11k xp)- a diamond dagger
Brutus(10k xp)- a diamond dagger

Diamond back flat's:
a big horn sheep(31k xp)-the one near the village attack's you if you try
to go "up"
A diamondback rattlesnake(23 k xp)-probably poison's-a pair of poisonous
snake fangs
vulture(20 k xp)
armadillo(16k xp)
coyote(22k xp)
a tortoise(16k xp)-tortoise shell
a lizardman sentry(30k xp)-

| Post number 18 by Wiegraf..."Liku(cont)"  \
a lizardman sentry(30k xp)-short sword,kite shield, tortoise shell helm,
tortoise shell plate(some have halberds_-100 gold
a lizardman cenurion(aka Marc Anthony)(63k xp)-centurion sword,centurion
breastplate,a legionnarire's helmet, centurion shield,
bronze key-500 gold
a white steed(aka warhorse)-saddle
a grizzly bear(31k xp)
a buffalo(31k xp)
artrell mercenary(45k xp)-halberd,short sword,diamond dagger, a set of
artrell gloves, a set of artrell battle armour-200 gold,
35 platinum
a lizardman legionnaire(42-45k xp)-sabre,a pair of scale boots, tortoise
shell plate(the one's in hilglander villafge have a
legionnaire's helmet,kite shield, short swor
1951 hps|1082 sp|930 mp > read 28

| Post number 28 by Gorion..."Oh this is continuation of before:"  \
a lizardman legionnaire(42-45k xp)-sabre,a pair of scale boots, tortoise
shell plate(the one's in hilglander villafge have a
legionnaire's helmet,kite shield, short sword etc)-50 gold

Highlander village & surrounding's:
a lizardman centurion(aka marcus lepidus)(63k xp)-centurion sword,centurion
breastplate,legionnaire's helmet, centurion shield,
bronze key-250 gold
a highlander warrior(26k xp)-claymorembearskin fur, bearskin boots
Bob a highlander drunk(21k xp)-a diamond dagger,bearskin fur,bearskin boots
Doug a highlander drunk(29k xp)-a diamond dagger, bearskin fur, bearskin
A highlander Chief(52k xp)- claymore,pair of highlander gloves, bearskin
fur, pair of bearskin boots
a lizardman vendor(range of stuff common around those parts)-(120k xp!?!?!

i think someone needs to check that.... my calculator
maybe brocken :P)-skinning knife,110 gold
a lizardman horseman(52k xp)-sabre,a pair of scale boots,tortoise shell
plate-50 gold
castle youth(6k xp)

Grassy Plain(between highlander village/battlefields):
Wandering minstrel(78k xp)-diamond dagger
Bridge Troll (109k xp, need 130+ strength to "bump" let the xp given speak
to how difficult he is.)-50 silver-bearskin fur.
a buffalo(35kxp)
ogre hunter(31k xp)-hunting spear,bearskin fur,a pair of bearskin boots
Highlander hunter(31k xp)-hunting spear,bearskin fur,a pair of bearskin
A shadow(52k xp)

That about wraps it up nicely. More of 'Liku' in part 2 of my exploration.
(Anything looks wrong please tell me)
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