One of the druids of Imperia has gone missing. Who knows what evil may lurk within the Imperial forest. Speak with the druids in the elven town of Imperia to begin this quest. 

Rewards: XP and Stats

NOTE: THIS IS NOTHING MORE THAN A HARD into the woods quest.

Step 1: Go to Imperia and talk to the druid (3rd level of imperia town) and he will tell you of their lost friend.

Then go to the forest and search around for him. It will take you like 10 minutes but you will find him. When you find him say "hail jandritch". Go back to the druid and he will ask you to research the potion of sanity. Go to the library (2nd floor) and read the book that is there. You have to get a lot of items they are all over the forest and are dropped by the mobs of the forest. You have to kill all of the mobs. Be ready. Get a bag and empty it beforehand and make it autosac. Then just run through the forest and kill everything Literally just clear the forest and go back you will have everything in your bag trust me just give them to him. Very easy but hard mobs. 

Quest DONE!

New Details:
The druid requests the following items (which are dropped by beasts in the forest once you kill them):
1. The eye of the beast - gryphon
2. The horn of pain - demon
3. The claw of the ancient - grimlock
4. The root of life - find mandrake plant and you should be able to pick some roots
5. Symbol of luck - leprechaun

It appears that the demon is not always in the forest so just keep looking for him until you find him.

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