Well, my last guide was "too noob", so I thought mjharr can't be called too
low lvl for a lvl 15!

K, I explored this, and died once.  I dont have the exact xp for
everything, as some were in big rooms i couldnt kill.  I had a lvl 40 help
me out with killing stuff, so only died once.

The Surface
The surface has such mobles like golden eagle, scorpion, black adder,
hyena, desert fox, orc bounty hunter, and such similar mobs.  They are
worth 45-55k each.  In the center of the desert is Maluu, he has a jade
broadsword, winged helmet, boomerang, and armour. The jade is a good sword.
Go s w ne ne from there, there is a secret tomb.  Mulcuvuus randomly pops
there, otherwise there is this evil dude who dw's, and psisurges (thats
where i died...dw'ed me, dw'ed friend, psisurged me.)  Hes bad news.  Mulc
has helm of shadows, axe, dmetal leggings for good eq.

There is a secret gnoll area in the dunes.  Search the dunes to find the
entrance, move the rock aside, and go into this area.  Maltuss is here,
bout 70k.  Gnoll warriors run about 60-70k each.  Guardians are about
70-80k each.  They have warriors armour of darkness, and wicket cutlasses,
guardians get silver shields.  The throne room has Sheik tlos, Grakor, and
Jester.  Jester is easy, and has hat/scepter.  Grakor/sheik are really
hard, i couldnt touch em, both worth bout 120k.  They have a short list,
golden robe, staff on the gnoll king, grakors breastplate, and scimitar.
Dont fight unless buff.

The Juktal area is thief only, so didn't explore that.  The Anu area has
some normal mobs, worth 70-80k or so.  Some of the darkfire, which does a
good bit of dmg.  There are robes of the dead here.  The mummy's from the
sarcophagus's drop 3 types of scrolls, for scholars I believe.  Worth 120k
I think. 

That about does it for mjharr.  Cab I had more exact values for, but I was
told to do a harder area.  Thats why it has inexact values here, i couldnt
get kills on everything, and required a lot of help. 

Ritigo, the sorcerer.

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