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In my travels through the areas of Merentha I find Mystic Forest to be one
of the least traversed and explored areas. While exploring it once again in
documenting the monsters and items found there I once again travelled alone
undisturbed by others. But, this is a good thing. I had the forests, the
river, the island, the Fairy Domain, as well as the Underworld all to
myself =). When traveling through the forest the weather seems to change
dramatically in a matter of minutes, make sure to bring your raincoat
because a slight drizzle may turn into a raging thunder storm striking the
very trees around you!
From the Wolvesdale Balloon Landing
se,sw,s,d,s,sw,s,sw,sw,se,se,s,s - will take you to the beginning of the
Mystic Forest
This Forest encompasses a large network of rooms which I am breaking down
into 6 areas.

Western Forest, River, Island, Fairy Domain, Eastern Forest, and the
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----Western Forest----
At the Northeast corner of the Western Forest you can 'wade' to enter the
river. At the southeast corner of the Western Forest you can 'wade' to
enter the river or 'log' to cross over to the Eastern Forest.
Merrie - 7k exp - Drops gold
Bebo - 7k exp - Drops leather pants, leather vest, tobacco pouch,
handcarved pipe, Gold
Treant - 10k exp - Drops nothing
Jim the timid squire - 9k exp - Drops suede cape, adventurers sword, gold
Old Hermit - 6k exp - Drops cudgel, rags, gold
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Water Moccasin - 7k exp - Drops Snake Fangs
Swamp Hermit - 9k exp - Drops ratskin armour, Gold
Tick - 7k exp - Drops nothing
Mound of Vegitation - 8k exp - Drops Nothing
Packrat - 10k exp - Drops large canvas backpack
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Mutated Badger - 4k exp - Drops Badger Teeth
Elf Ranger - 6k exp - Drops food pouch, bow, quiver, gold
Evil Trent - 11k exp - Drops gold
Huge Spider - 7k exp - Drops Spider fangs
Rotting Hand - 4k exp - Drops nothing
Imp - 9k exp - Drops gold
Tree - 8k exp - Drops nothing
Imp cavorts on the riverbank - 9k exp - Drops gold
Dark Shadow - 10k exp - Drops Non-descrip weapon, gold
Branch - 6k exp - Drops nothing
Owl - 8k exp - Drops nothing
----In The river----
To enter the river either travel to the northeast or southeast corner of
the Western Fores
t and 'wade'.  Also you can travel to the northwest or
southwest corner of the Eastern Forest and 'wade'
a Water Sprite - 10k exp - Drops gold (say 'token' to obtain a token)
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Mosquito - 5k exp - Drops nothing
Leech - 5k exp - Drops nothing
Black Eel - 5k exp - Drops Nothing
Waterbug - 5k exp - Drops Nothing
Water Spider - 4k exp - Drops Spider fang
This island can only be reached via the river. A the northwest, northeast
juncture of the river where the 3 Mosquitos are you can 'climb' to reach
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the island. From this island you can find the fairyring and type
'fairyring' to enter the Fairy Domain. There is also a picnic basket with
food inside it at the northeastern corner of the island.
Banshee - 10k exp - Drops gold
Dragonfly - 7k exp - Drops nothing
Cute Wabbit - 7k exp - Drops Wabbit Teeth
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----Fairy Domain----
This Area is reached via the 'fairyring' on the island in the river. When
you reach a vine just 'swing vine' to continue along, on your way back you
must 'hop' to continue along. It is also important to note that you may
wish to sit and listen to the Faerie Queen before killing her, she is
Center Guard - 7kk exp - Drops Gold Centaur sword, gold
Large owl - 5k exp - Drops beak
Black ant - 5k exp - Drops Nothing
Black Beetle - 5k exp - Drops nothing
Cute Firefly - 4k exp - Drops Nothing
Male Faerie - 7k exp - Drops Fairy spear, gold
Robin Redbreast - 4k exp - Drops beak
Elsa, a faerie maiden - 4k exp - Drops gold
Hannah, the Queen of the fairies - 11k exp - Drops gold
The faerie flutters around the room - 6k exp - Drops gold
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----Eastern Forest----
Along the bank of the river while in the Eastern forest there is one single
room that juts west, in this room is a plant, looking at the plant you will
obtain tobacco. In the utter most southeast corner of the Eastern Forest is
the entrance to the Underworld through a pit and the Reaper shall greet you
there. Also, there is a stump in the Eastern Forest in which things can be
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stored. A little north of the stump is a room with the exit 'tree' this
will take you into the termite area. At the northwest corner of the Eastern
Forest you can type 'wade' to enter the river.
****MOST IMPORTANT**** At the Northeast corner of this part of the forest
is a hidden room. Type 'crawl' to enter a room containing the Statue of
Rana, advisor to Xenora. 'look eyes' to obtain Blue Eyes, which can then be
shattered to put a 1-2 hour magical shield of armour on the user. Make sure
to NOT currently have a magical shield from someone's spell before using
these otherwise you will lose their power when the spell wears off you.
Evil trent - 11k exp - Drops gold
Malgor the Master Conjurer - 10k exp - Drops suede cape, gold
Owl - 8k exp - Drops nothing
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Fisherman - 8k exp - Drops Bamboo stick, gold
A wight - 7k exp - Drops nothing
Dark Shade - 10k exp - Drops nothing
Dark Shadow - 6k exp - Drops steel dagger, gold
Tree - 7k exp - Drops nothing
Tick - 7k exp - Drops nothing
Water Moccasin - 7k exp - Drops Snake Fangs
Mosquito - 5k exp - Drops nothing
Old Hobbit - 10k exp - Drops Jaunty Woolen Cap, Wooden Pipe, gold
Termite Worker - 7k exp - Drops a cute little hobbit doll
Termite Queen - 10k exp - Drops nothing
Pile of Leaves - 5k exp - Drops nothing
Firefly - 4k exp - Drops nothing
Butterfly - 4k exp - Drops nothing
a Druid talking to the trees - 9k exp - Drops Druid's staff, gold
The baby plays on the floor - 4k exp - drops a cute little hobbit doll
Bart - 6k exp - Drops gold
Lisa - 5k exp - Drops gold
Mom - 6k exp - Drops nothing
Wise old hobbit - 6k exp - Drops nothing
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The entrance to the underworld is located at a pit in the southeast corner
of the Eastern Forest. Listen to the reaper and he will ask for a token to
pass ove rthe river styx. The token is found in the river at the water
sprite as stated in the river information above. In a good portion of the
Underworld it is very easy to get lost as most rooms do not have exits, it
is important to peer in different directions if u wish to stay alive, avoid
the torture room and the Demon of Torture at ALL COSTS.
Daiva - 4k exp - Drops Demon sword, gold
Nybras - 6k exp - Drops suit (made of human skins), gold
Imp - 4k exp - Drops gold
Aesma - 6k exp - Drops nothing
Lost Soul - 6k exp - Drops nothing
Demon of Torture - *I could not kill him he kept Capturing and Torturing
Evil Spirit - 8k exp - Drops nothing
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Demon - 10k exp - Drops gold
Demon Aseroth - 6k exp - Drops gold
Lilith, Princess of the Underworld - 10k exp - Drops Flowing Gown, gold
Magloire, minor demon - 6k exp - Drops gold
Tuchulcha, Demon Prince of Torture - 10k exp - Drops Nothing
Sut, Lord of Lies - 11k exp - Drops Nothing
A Fire Demon - 8k exp - Drops gold
Sammael, Demon Prince of Poison - 8k exp - Drops Snake Fangs
a little red devil - 10k exp - Drops Devil's Pitchfork, Black Shroud, gold
Dasim - 6k exp - Drops Nothing
Strife, Prince of Darkness - 10k exp - Demon Forged Armour, Demon Sword
Demitri - 6k exp
Dawn - 9k exp - Drops Nothing
Miser - 9k exp - Drops gold
Snake - 7k exp - Drops nothing
A man stands here in shackles - 7k exp
A spider - 5k exp - Drops spider fangs
A wasp - 8k exp - Drops
The man sits in the chair stuffing himself with food - 6k exp - Drops gold
A demon - 10k exp - Drops gold
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Buffy is fighting with Sissy - 9k exp - Drops gold
A green eyed monster - 10k exp - Drops nothing
Sissy is fighting with Buffy - 7k exp - Drops gold
I hope that you find Mystic Forest as interesting and unexplored as I have

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