| Post number 4 by K'aine..."Nymph Forest"  \
While exploring south of Jewel, I came across a marvelous forest home
to the beautiful race of nymphs.  Although a sign warned against
trespassing, I chose to ignore and finish my explorations.  I found the
home of Solitaire and a delightful spring of water.  Unfortunately, the
lovely nymphs did not like my intrustion into the forest and attacked.
Rather the defeat them, however I chose to leave and continue my
Forest Pixie (0 - 9k exp)
Forest Imp (4k exp) uses annihilate, autos (28 char)
Forest Centaur (6 - 10k exp) uses fireball, bolt
 autos (28 char)
Forest Nymph (5 - 9k exp) uses bolt
Kender Hunter (6 - 8k exp)
Nymph (3 - 5k exp) drops bow and quiver for storing arrows
Wild Nymph (3 - 8k exp) drops rapier
 autos (28 char)

Centaur (4k exp) drops bow and quiver for storing arrows
All pretty easy mobs, but its easy to get lost in the forest.  It changes
around sometimes.

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