Find Monica Gabbens, 2nd Corn Farm(North West corner)

"Help Monica" then bring her home.

Get fife from her dad.
Go to 1st Farm, Fife 12 rats to follow.

Go to Bridge, Go 1w,1d. Go all north. Break Dam. Leave back to bridge, play fife. All rats go into bridge.

See Mayor. Mayor sends you to Witch of the East.

Wicked witch says: So Calesta, you got stiffed by the Hobbits?

Wicked witch says: The great and wonderful Calesta, leader of rats!

Wicked witch says: Tell me Calesta, Do you want revenge?

Wicked witch creates a wicked fife out of puff of black smoke.
Wicked witch whispers chaotic words of enchantment and the fife disappears!

Wicked witch exclaims: I cannot just give you such a thing, but you can find
it... go search my castle!
Wicked witch says: Find it and bring its fruits, its SEVEN fruits to me....
Wicked witch exclaims: GO!

Timmy Lapp
Timmy Herr

Play Fife @ Cauldron

Eye of Newt - Salamander, Mud Forest
Wolf Heart - Near Salve Shack, Fenris
Two Turtle Eggs - D.Coves
Bat Wing - Fenris Forest
Gnoll Ears - Gnoll Ear Anklets
Rotten Goose Egg - Goose house(Mrs. Herr), search

Give List to Witch
Go to Wicked Green Dragon

Wicked green dragon says: So Calesta, are you the one that did this???
Wicked green dragon breaths out a massive flame of heat.
Wicked green dragon says: My sister and her pranks! I'll show her! You will work
for me now Calesta!
Wicked green dragon exclaims: I need pixie dust! Several different types...
yes.. pixie dust... !
Wicked green dragon exclaims: Bring them all to me! All to me! GO! Go find them!
Use the orb!
Wicked green dragon chants a wicked encantation and waves her claws at
Calesta fades into the shadows.
Wicked green dragon eats Calesta!
Wicked green dragon falls asleep...

Lavender - Jewel Mts
Pyro - Fire Island
Wildfire - Gablesvile
Raindrop - WD Forest
Poof - NO Outpost
Tula - By Wizard Staff
Blaze - Dragon Caves
Snowflake - Talis
Evergreen - Giant's Cellar in Lan, search, open jar
Moonshine - Field of Hobbit
Drowsy - Poppy Field
Tink - Apple Tree

Give Dust to dragon?

          ************        ************
        ************            ************
      ************                ************
    ************                    ************
    ************                    ************
    ************                    ************
Wicked Witch of the West exclaims: Here is your wicked reward! The end of the world is coming!
A deep rumbling from far underground shakes the lands.
A deep rumbling from far underground shakes the lands.
A wicked storm cloud develops over the northern hemisphere.
A wicked storm cloud develops over the northern hemisphere.

Gives you an egg(crack egg for random +1 stat)

A shadow tells you: the wicked witch gets revenge by dropping a house on her
sister via a storm smile.gif
A shadow tells you: sometimes.

Jewel replies: so, in my mind, you help her create the brew, she dips her broom, buries it in the ground... and it conjures up storms - random power, randomly, a house is dropped - dorothy is turned on... and no one can do the brew with her until she is a dragon again (when dorothy is turned off)

You'll see Dorothy/Cowardly Lion/Tinman/Scarecrow/Glinda Witch of North

Dorothy is 1e, 2s, enter from house. Must give her Toto(In a basket item) and slippers. Toto don't know where it is. Slippers are on the feet outside of where Dorothy is(look slippers, get slippers) -> Then follow allow dorothy.

Scarecrow bend nail where scarecrow object is located. The mob will appear. Give him artichoke heart(1n from Dorothy in Kitcehn). -> Follow allow scarecrow.

Tinman is 1s of tree where Tink is. Enter building where pile of tin is. Search. Get oil can. "oil tin" then Tinman appears. Give sweetbread to him. Follow allow tinman

Cowardly Lion is on path to poppies. Get flowerpot from house 1e of Mayor. break flowerpot to make it into a crown. Give flowerpot to lion when the pot is in crown form. Follow allow lion.

Go to Witch of West's Castle. Get bucket(Flying Monkies room w/ well), fill bucket with water. Go to witch of west. Get warped to the orb. Go back to the witch. "Throw water". Get the broom from witch's corpse.

Go to poppies. Find the gates. Knock on the gate. Go to the wizard. Give badge to lion, give diploma to scarecrow, give clock to tinman.


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