You have to go talk to the elven king of Imperia, Leonardo, during the daytime. Just search around in the imperial fortress to find him. He will be in his throne room during the day. He will ask you to fetch some very specific types of gems. These gems are located in the spiral caverns. Specifically they are drops of difficult mobs that pop very rarely.

Flawless Diamond - crystal golems,collecting crystals and placing them in center, big golem dude comes up and you have to kill him

Large Opal - King Opal Ant, random pop, on anthill

Flawless Sapphire - Sapphire Widow, random pop, on nest

Flawless Emerald - all of the next three are random pops of the difficult mobs, just keep reaching in those holes

Flawless Ruby -

Large Amber -

You say: quest

King Leonardo says: I am in need of a willing adventurer to collect rare

gems for me. It seems the last adventurer willing to try, didn't make it

very far. Evidently, he was killed by a Glow Worm.

say rare gems

You say: rare gems

King Leonardo exclaims: Yes I need someone to find me the following gems: a

flawless diamond, a flawless emerald, a flawless ruby, a flawless sapphire,

a large opal, and a large amber. Now this won't be an easy task, as only the

finest gems will be suitable for my queen. If you could deliver these gems

to me, you'd be richly rewarded indeed!


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