Well my fellow adventurers, Recently, I had the random urge to go and get
me a Fire Axe.  After asking around, I discovered that it could be found on
an island south of Haven.  This island is called Rimaga.  Being the
prepared explorer that I am, I made sure to bring some Vials of Antidote,
made for me by my friend Jangles, the White Cleric.  Then I set off.

I arrived at the Island in not too long, and entered my dinghy and rowed
ashore.  A walked for a very short distance, and came to a blank wall. 
The path I was following seemed to continue right on through the wall, and
the wall was connected to shear cliffs on either side, eliminating the
possibility of going around.  I was stumped, but I knew I had to get past
this wall

On the wall there were many pictures, along with being overgrown with moss.
The pictures didn't help me very much, but after searching around, I
discovered the moss could be moved, reveiling a hidden button, which I
pushed.  With the button pushed, the wall disappeared, and I walked

I continued on down the path, and saw the ugliest half-orc children you've
ever seen.  4 of them, all standing around.  Naturally, I killed them, and
without any trouble I might add.  As I continued down the path, I came
across a small hut.  Inside this hut was a half-orc mage.  I decided to not
take any chances and kill him quickly, so I charged him.  My charge severed
his arm, and as he died, he cast a final spell at me which drained my mp to

Then the path split off, and I took the southwestern path, leading me to
another hut.  It had a half-orc family in it, and I killed them all.
Fairly uneventful there.  Then I came accross a cave.  I went in and was
attacked by 4 cave snakes.  After killing them I noticed I'd been poisoned
in the battle, so I quaffed one of my antidote vials, and continued down
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the cave, where I found countless more snakes.  I wasn't sure how long my
antidote vials would last at this rate, so I decided to make a mental note
to come back to this cave later, and left it.

Near the southern end of the island was a half-orc Apothacary.  As I killed
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him, his last dying wish was to see me poisoned, so he splashed me with
some unknown liquid.  I just quaffed another of my antidote vials and
continued on my way.

Looking back over what I have written so far, I realize I left out one very
important detail.  This entire islands inhabitants are cannibals.  The next
hut I came to was a cannibal doctor, along with his assistants.  They
seemed to be dismembering an already dead corpse.  After disposing of them,
I left and continued on to a small shop, where they sell monkey brains, and
things of that sort.  After killing the shopkeeper, I continued on my

I also found what appeared to be a "Fierce Warriors" hut.  This Fierce
Warrior is named Vityr, more about him later, as he seemed to not be home
at the time.

In other areas in the island I found randomly assorted huts, filled with
unimportant monsters, such as monkeys, squirrels and the like.

At the very south end of the island I found a cliff, leading down to a
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beach.  I climbed down safely, but I discovered at the bottom of the cliff
are very jagged, dangerous rocks.  I walked along the beach and found a
beached whale.  As I climbed back up the cliff, a gust of wind blew me off,
and I landed on the rocks.  This hurt a lot, (about 600hp), so I healed and
tried again, and again was blown off.  The third time I made it up safely.

Travelling northwest from the cliff, I found a half-orc Necromancer.
During the fight, he cast a spell of poison on me.  After I killed him, I
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quaffed an antidote, and realized I was still poisoned.  So I quaffed all
of the remaining 5 vials of antidote, and was still poisoned.  So
unfortunatly, I had to sail all the way back to Haven, where my friend
Jangles was waiting for me with Purify.

This is the End of Part 1.
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| Post number 27 by Kalron..."Part 2"  \
I again sailed to Rimaga, and this time was set on finding my Fire Axe.  So
I landed on the island, moved the moss, pushed the button, and set off.

I took a different direction this time, and came accross a bonfire.  Around
this bonfire were 5 cannibals, each armed with Crude Wooden Staves, and a
half-orc named Fire Guardian.  I wasn't sure if the 5 cannibals would join
in the battle against the Fire Guardian if I attacked him, so I killed the
5 cannibals first, which all died without much problem.

As I examined the Fire Guardian, I saw he was wielding the Fire Axe!  I did
a quick measure of his strength, and saw he was quite a strong warrior (at
level 40, he conned Pretty Even, if my memory serves me correctly).  So I
attacked him.  It took a long while, but eventually I managed to kill him.
I thought the Fire Axe was mine, but then a monster named the Fire Goddess
suddenly appeared.  She took the Fire Axe from the dead corpse and attacked
me.  Since I was quite unprepared for this suprise, I ran from the room,
where, to my even greater surprise, she followed.  I saw that she was a
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greater fighter than I was, and was prepared for my death, as I cannot run
from her.  That was when she used a spell called Flamestrike, which knocked
me out of the room, where she didn't follow.  I thanked my Gods and ran
away from her.  She had beaten me fairly, and I didn't attack again.

But naturally, I was quite angry at not getting what I came here for.  So I
went through the island in anger, and destroyed every single hut on the
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island, saving the hut of the "Fierce Warrior" Vityr for last.  At every
single hut I destroyed, 3 half-orc cannibals came out and attacked me, but
they were disposed of rather easily.  When I destroyed Vityr's hut he came
out and offered me a challenge.  He taunted me, and said he had never had
anyone accept his challenge.  He was equiped with a half-orc blade, and a
tri-prong, both of which I knew to be very strong weapons.  Now if I had
been thinking, I would have walked away, as this warrior looked to be quite
a bit stronger than I.  But in anger, I charged toward him.

He easily evaded my charge, and warshouted that I should "Prepare myself
for death!"  I was stunned from his powerful shout, and he simply took me
apart.  In 5 rounds he took me from 1350hp to -250hp, where I died a
painful death.
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After my death, I was given my life back by Hades, and returned to the
island, got my equipment, and left in defeat.

It wasn't until I was on the boat back to Haven, that I realized that I
never did explore that cave....

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