Heres an update on Shanadan and what I've learned so far:

When you pull your boat in your at a rocky beach the only mobs there are
Rock Crawlers, there are rocks and stones everywhere and I found a
particular one with a handprint 'touch handprint' sprouted up another rock
crawler from the ground.
As you continue Northish you'll bump into a 'Rock Guardian' that won't let
you pass into the castle, it's VERY strong I've seen it do 600 damage
rounds and it has an incredible amount of hp!  When it dies it becomes a
'Large Boulder' that continues to block your path, it's best to bump it
before it dies so you can go around it, also i beleive it can be pushed out
of the way with enough strength.
North of the guardian you enter the gardens full of Nasty plants which have
a different kind of poison - it drains all your stats until your lowest
stat hits 1 so it can drain up to (your lowest stat) - 1 from all your
stats.  The gardens continue east and west and there are hidden paths,
which can be easily distinguished by the room description.  North of the
garden's is Shanadan Castle.
The castle has a few different floors, the bottom is full of Archivers and
in rooms where you hear rats in the walls you can 'touch wall', this will
cause one of two things:  6 rats will come out of their hole and attack you
or rat droppings will fall out of their hole which does nothing.
The middle floor is just full of residents staying at the castle, ogre
guards, and a supervisor which asks you for help with sweeping the castle.
The top floor has A shopkeeper which sells Mana Gems, Alchemy tomes, and
Ingredient pouches, north of him is a cauldron where you can brew your own
potions with the proper ingredients.  The west side of the top floor has
wooden chests you can open and take stuff from, alchemy racks, ogre guards

in pairs of two, residents, castle archers, and residents staying at the
castle.  To get to the east wing of the castle you'll need to either
lockpick the door or find the silver key hidden in one of the chests to
enter.  Theres a statue there which you should kneel before otherwise the
mobs in their will auto you!  There are some more guards, and an 'Ogre
Ward' who's pretty strong and blocks passage into the high court room.  In
the high court room there a very strong drow named Myrg and a servant. 
From the top floor you can access the roof of the castle which has archers,
guards and a small fire in the middle.
--More-- (32%) [hit <enter> or <space> to continue or <q> to quit]

Mobs so far:
Rock Crawler - 64k, no items
Poisonous Creeper - 109k, can drain stats, no items
Spinous Briar - 112k, drains stats, no items
Garden Servant - 113k, stabs, has sling dagger/leather sandals/leather
Yune - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Ogre Guard - 120k, rushes for 700 damage, has golden plate/metal ring
leggings/metal ring gloves, usually in packs of two and swarm!
Wert - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Jesa - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Castle Archer - 109k, rushes and warshouts, has golden plate/wind fall
bow/leather quiver/metal ring gloves/metal ring leggings
Ernem - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Bodar - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Suna - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Castle Servant - 99k, casts shock, has old tattered robe/leather
sandals/leather gloves
Ogre Ward(Strong mob) - 120k, rushes for 1.2k slash for 600 specials for
400, drops metal plated boots/metal ring leggings/silver plated
breastplate/serrated short blade(strong weapon, drains 10str when wielded)
Mutated Rat - 40k, claws for 1k, no items.  Swarm in packs of 6 when you
'touch wall'
Shanadan Archiver - 109k, stabs, has old tattered robe/feather pen(knife)
Head Archiver(Tough Mob) - 120k, slashes stabs crazy specials, drop sling
dagger(ripper)/feather pen/long velvet robe
Supervisor(Tough Mob) - 120k, bashes whirls, has old tattered robe/skull
mace(HIGH weapon class, two handed)
Hafar - 109k, estorms, has long velvet robe
Myrg(Super Tough Mob) - 120k, chains for 2k, has rare silk robe and some
other stuff (Too hard for me to kill)
Rock Guardian(Super Tough Mob) - 120k, HITs HARD, no items


Lots of the items are random drops, among these are tattered old robes,
wind fall bows, Serrated Short blades, Golden Plate, Long Velvet Robe,
Sling dagger, probably more.

When in the Garden you can 'search plants' to gather ingredients for
When in resident rooms you can 'search rack' to gather ingredients for
The supervisor will give you a quest/deed
In rooms with papers you can sometimes find a paper note on Alchemy or A
message between Myrg and the Head Archiver.
Theres a rock outside where you can 'touch handprint' to bring out another
Rock Crawler.
Kneel before the Statue in the East Wing or the mobs there will auto you.
If your in the Garden the archers will shoot you much like in Uruk and

Shanadan introduces Alchemy to the game, theres a shopkeep that sells tomes
where you can keep track of formulas you've found and ingredient pouches.
There a Cauldron north of him where you can make potions.  Ingredients can
be found all over by searching things. 

Alchemy formulas - These are notes I've found in the castle

'With the essence of the Earth and Rivers your body will restore itself
faster than normal'
'The essence of Earth and Starting Life, sickness will be a thing of the
'With the essence of starting life and the rivers you will regain your
spirit energy'
'That which comes from Slain Creatures combined with a mineral will improve
your senses.'
'With the essence of a tree's skin and the rivers you will feel as though
you've slept for days.'
'That which grows in Moist Soil and that which grows on Certain Trees,
mixed with nature's sour will heal wounds.'

Here are a few ingredients you can find: Clay, Blood, Water, Bark, Oil,
Vinegar, Mushrooms, Iron, Acorns, Etc.

Thats all for now, I'll be updating this again later.  This post must be

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