A blacksmith requires a new source for meeting the demands of a large army. A new source for the raw materials to make steel is needed. Find and meet with this blacksmith to begin this quest. 

Step 1: Go to the Head blacksmith in Imperia. WATCH OUT for the guards outside they are pretty nasty and will kill you. Say "quest" say "steel" He should ramble a bit. You are off to gofur to get his supplies.

Step 2:
From the monument go all east, then go south 2 then west until you can go south. Go south and search around the miners get the lump of coal and the lump of Iron. (together they make steel)

Step 3: Go to Snow White in Gofur and say "contract" to her. She will send you back to the Head Blacksmith with instructions. You have to run back and forth between the two of them several times but they will give you the exact syntax to say each time. Once you've done everything they've asked you'll receive credit for the quest. 

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