| Post number 26 by Fujisawa..."Sunken City"  \
Location: Sunken City (3,2)

So I boarded a dinghy and landed on the island. I entered the cave and
within a few moments some merfolk took me underwater and threw me in a
jail. They stupidly left the door unlocked so all i had to do was open,
however they did take some of my weapons. I found my weapons northish of
the cell though. I equipped and started killing the mobs around me.

Drunk Merfolk - 3k EXP, drops shark skin belt.
Merfolk Guard - 41k EXP, drops various colored tridents.

I took the key off the ground and unlocked the gate and opened it. I
stumbled into a busy courtroom. Seeing that the defendant was innocent i
killed everyone and spared him.

Jury Member - 4k EXP
Lawyer - 22k EXP
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Judge Whirlpool - 33k EXP, drops judge's gavel.

I freed the defendant and he took me to his hide out in the Rogue's hideout
and thanked me. I went down the stairs and left the house. I went west then
south until i stumbled upon a huge Statue of Poseidon. I bowed before it
and it blessed me with glasses so i could understand the merfolk language.
I proceeded to head south to all of the shops. Lots of cool things the shop
have to offer, one offers temporary pets.

Street Cleaner - 16k EXP, drops a broom
Wise Merman - barely any EXP
Librarian - 64k EXP, drops a book
Ysers, the Barkeep - 120k EXP, drops a broken bottle
Beggar - 4k EXP
Orion - (Before killing buy suit of gills and tails, you will need it
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later) 120k EXP
Melly, the Waitress - 120k EXP, drops 2 sets of Long fingernails
Dog Fish - 1k EXP
Boy - 3k EXP, sharkskin belt
Star the Pet Shop Owner - 120k EXP
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Zyrus, Horse Keeper - 120k EXP, drops a horse shoe
Nostradamus - 120k EXP

To enter the arena in the south you must wear a suit of fins and tails.

Wandering Cleric - I forget amount of EXP, over 50, maybe 120. Drops
cleric's golden warhammer and shark skin belt.

Sharks and barracudas are also in here.

I went back to the square and headed east. From there i stumbled upon the

Colorful Butterfly - 6k EXP
Green Tree Frog - 3k EXP
Handsome Young Merman - 9k EXP, drops a fancy necklace, drops a pair of
gloves, drops shark-skin belt
Beautiful Mermaid - 11k EXP, drops a flower, wonderful necklace
Tiny Fly - 1k EXP
Yellow Beetle - 6k EXP
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Sea Snake - 6k EXP
Large Flying Bug - 5k EXP
Grounds Keeper - 16k EXP

In the garden there are three towers. Each room of the tower has a
different monster. They go in order from easiest to hardest.

Child of The Sea/Wind/Legend - 7k EXP, drops a certain colored sphere
Black Serpent -  11k EXP
Wise Old Sage - 22k EXP, drops a Green Cloak, drops a blue wand (rare)
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Necromancer - 39k EXP,  drops a shark-skin belt, Magical orb (Necro Orb)
and a green cloak.

I headed back to the square and continued to explore northward.

Dog Fish - 4k EXP, drops pet's collar
Boy - 3k EXP, drops a shark-skin belt, slingshot, bag of rocks
Female Merfolk - 10k EXP drops a yellow trident
Happy Little Girl - 3k EXP, drops a bracelet made of seaweed
Salmon the Hairdresser - 120k EXP, drops a shark-skin belt, pair of
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Merfolk Punk - 23k EXP, drops a Shark-tooth knife
Gang Leader - 40k EXP, drops a shark-tooth knife, brass knuckles

One of the houses one the north-east side turned out to be an old museum.

Museum Caretaker - 16k EXP

I searched the museum and on the west side there was a pile of rubble, When
a looked at it a portal appeared and i entered it and it took me to a king
and his 2 guards. IMPORTANT - the only way to get out of the room is to
bow to the king, nod (which leads you to a quest place), and then go into
the palace, and you should be back in the museum, The King Midas room is a
no-portal zone!

Royal Guard - ?k EXP, drops a shark-skin belt
King Minos - 40k EXP, drops Royal Shield, Royal Crown, Royal Sceptre, and a

To leave Sunken City, wear that suit you were supposed to buy in the
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beginning. If not find the supply store in the south of the city and buy
it. Then go northward from the square, the head westward till you can go
northward. Go north then leap into the ocean and try to find every exit
that goes up. Go upward till you get to tech water's surface. When there
grab the lumber and you will either land in Cabeiri or Whitestorm.

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