Merentha Definition of this Quest. 

"Talis is an island in search of its heir. Many have tried to claim the throne for themselves, but the true ruler has still not been found. In fact the isle of Talis itself is somewhat a mystery, although many claim to have once been there, noone can find it a second time. Help them find their rightful King. " 

Rewards: For some reason I don't think that I was given a reward for completing this quest....?? If anyone knows what the reward might be please send me an Email. But anyway here is the quest. 

NOTE:  I strongly recommend you wait until around lvl 20 or so to do this quest. It is rather difficult and you are required to kill some semi-difficult enemies. If you party with other poeple you should be fine. Preferable someone who has already done the quest. This way you guys won't have to do it two times. Because it can only be done once a time. 

Step 1: Get a boat. 
    Save for 30k gold. I recommend going to IM to get this money. To see how to get to IM just go to the Area and Coords section of this page and there is a walkthrough of IM. 

Step 2: Sail to Ice Island 
     Sail to the Ice Island. If you go to The official Merentha page there is a map there called Rijer's map. I recommend printing this. (I saved it as the background on my computer) Ice Island is #2 on his map. Generally sail from the WS dock and go west some and then north. The coords should be on my Area and Coords page. 

Step 3: Then go to the mountains. 
     Once you get to Ice Island. Go to the mountains. (It is kinda north-northwest from the dinghy. Go up there and you find a corpse. Get all from it. It gives a diary and a rope with a grappling hook. The Diary contains hints, "READ IT".  Then "throw hook" and you'll be before a cave entrance. Enter the cave. Now that you are in the cave. Try to leave the cave (You can't). Kill the Crazy Mudder and get the treasure from his corpse! 

Step 4 
      Climb stalactite, go south, (the ice demon is hard and dangerous.)  
Go back to dinghy and sail to Cabeiri. 

Step 5 
Go to Cabeiri bar and give platinum ring to the drunk man. 
And there you go another quest done.

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