In the far north a race of goblins has organized their crude society and are trying to communicate with their old 

god, but to no avail. Seek out one who is wisened and learned beneath the frozen lands of Aerioth.

Recommended Level: 70+ 

1. Talk to the Goblin lorekeeper. He will tell you that you need to assemble the tome of ancients to contact Kel'rek. There are 5 pages hidden throughout Aerioth. 

2. Talk to the Priestess Isalia (off of a hidden room in the forest where the treants and boreal dryads are - might only be available during the night). She will tell you that you need several reagents for her to restore the tome. 


Here are current page locations I think I know. 

- On a corpse in a hidden cave outside the bottom of Aerioth Castle, climb cliff

- Baaz (check original aerioth map for location)

- Random drop off of Nicodus (in castle)

- Ask Estelle in aero 2 water area


- Dust from the bones of an undead creature - move protrusion in a room where there is an ice elemental in forest, search pile in there

- yellow pollen of a blooming red flower

- sprig of winters ivy

- vial of pure ice water

After that I don't know. If you figure it out, let me know. 

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