Go to the wolvesdale crypts. To do this search around the cemetary in wolvesdale until you find Bob the caretaker. You can go down in that room. See the maps for the specific layout. On the first floor find Sir Artherous and ask him about a quest. He'll want you to find his box which you can do with "search mud" in one of the rooms close by. Give him the box and you'll talk to him some more. He'll finally give you a crystal that you will use to imprison Velomuzst's soul. 

Go to the second level and find the head of the hammer which is in a ceramic pot (search pot). Next head to the third level and find the High Priest Katharn. Look at the book and read it. A key should drop out. Go to the library and open it up with the key. Search around in the library until you find a scroll. 

Head to the fourth level and kill the crypt keeper and find the shaft of the hammer on his body. From there you can put the hammer together (assemble hammer). Enchant the hammer with the scroll (enchant hammer). Finally go to velomuzst and kill his mortal form. His soul will appear and you can trap him in the crystal (imprison velomuzst). Destroy the crystal with the hammer (smash crystal). Quest is done.

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