Friends, I bring you news of the Xenoran Mines which are
spread over four, grimy levels within the volcano itself.

I entered east of the main Lanerell-Xenora passage - one
of three entrances know to me. I kept a low profile as I
explored the mines from bottom to top finding them to be
populated by demonic gnomes ranging from powerful slave
owners to adventurers and renegades. It is a community
driven by greed and self-interest - on returning to it
determined to purge the region of evil - I found the
gnomes indifferent to each other's fate and, in the case
of the wretched slaves, ungrateful for their freedom,
which proved short.

I left the caves with a backpack near full of ore and a
diamond I'd pried from a wall near the entrance using a
discarded pick. My exit was via a chimney lying north
of the shaft leading to the second level, that took me
directly to the smithy where my loot fetched 1800 gold,
the diamond excepted.

I returned via Xenora some days later to find a fresh
influx of gnomes already hard at work but these I spared,
exiting shortly therafter through a crack in the cave
walls to the SW of the second-lowest level eventually
reaching sunlight NW of Lanerell.

 - East of main Lanerell-Xenora route. Lowest level.
 - Chminey from second-lowest level to Xenora [one-way]
 - Xenoran Entrance, past ruffian, by small, beggar child.
 - via crack in wall [to bat caves] SW corner of 2nd level

Inhabitants [all demonic]:
 Slave         3-4K \
 Miner           4K  } Most likely to drop nuggets
 Adenturer       5K /  [sometime 2]
--More-- (68%) [hit <enter> or <space> to continue or <q> to quit]

 Soldier       6-7K \
 Renegade      8-9K  } More dextrous.
 Master         16K /  Renegade is least friendly.

They have no weapons or armour, no spells or special
moves, are stationary and don't swarm. The mine repopulates
fairly quickly - a wipe is worth about 330K. The money isn't
good ~ 1800 gold, plus the diamond.

I may have imagined it but it seems the gnomes are more
cheerful the further east one goes.

Newt the blue cleric

[An old post of mine re-posted]

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